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Why Lady Death will probably not play a role in "The Avengers - Infinity War"

We've known for a while that Thanos was a big deal. Although we haven't specifically seen any of his actions, we know of his reputation and Nebula bears traces of his sadism - not to mention the heavy blow Iron Man took in the trailer. What we didn't know is why he really wants the Infinity Stones, aside from a vague reference that he is wooing their power.

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The Avengers - Infinity War
The first trailer for "The Avengers - Infinity War" is online! Check it out with us!

It was widely believed that we would see the same story as in the comics, with Thanos using the Infinity Gauntlet to impress Death aka Lady Death to woo her. But is this story too strange for the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Now we know a little more of his motivations thanks to EW and Kevin Feige who revealed the Mad Titan's most complete biography, and that gives him a ton of depth:

“He's from a planet called Titan, which is no longer inhabited because he thought he could help prevent things, and he wasn't allowed to do that. What he feared most happened, and the planet and everyone else on it basically died out. He swore not to let it happen again. He thinks he's seeing the universe come to an end. He thinks he's seeing life expand outward unhindered. That will ruin the universe and this life, he believes. "

Having villains with this kind of complexity is a big step forward for Marvel: They took the same approach with Zemo and Erik Killmonger, and they were those most successful in the MCU, too. And while Hela's motivations weren't as personal thanks to her theatricality (and Ragnarok's tone of voice), the same mentality was certainly there. So this is a great way to add even more complexity and even more empathy to Thanos. And it definitely sounds like if he gets all the stones he'll kill a lot of people because his plan is mass genocide.

And according to Joe Russo, his search for the stones will make "Infinity War" something of a robbery: “He's on the hunt. We use a bit of a 90s genre component. Thanos is well on its way, and everyone is trying to catch up and stop the whole film about him. "

The film will start in our cinemas on April 26th!