What is meant by dry aircraft leasing?

California announces combustion ban, Özdemir calls for a German reaction

@Hans Meier
In my opinion, you are completely missing the target. The fact that you always call for politics is the admission that you have fallen behind. Politicians can't do anything about that, the companies and the “best” engineers in the world have to get their own way.

Theoretically, the state, Intel / AMD / Nvidia can compete for hardware, Microsoft / Google / Apple (also HW, ditto MS) or platforms like Facebook or Amazon. Scheme subsidize Airbus with massive state aid until you are competitive, but that is incredibly expensive. The taxpayer pays hidden everywhere, so that this group has enough funds to move new aircraft such as the A350 or commercial megaflops such as the A380.

But if you as a company don't have to pay for the fact that you build crap in XXL style and have to pay for it yourself financially, this mentality returns that the state is now financing the A350 if the A380 flops.

And it is the same with cars, under Merkel it is completely normal that the internationally operating corporations are given all the advantages. Be it at the controls where you look the other way (Wirecard, diesel scandal, Airbus corruption scandal), be it with scrapping premiums or now the e-premium. German corporations really cannot complain that the world is not being bent for them.

The problem is that the scheme here is like this, all German companies against the rest of the world. In the US the scheme is Intel versus AMD, MS versus Google versus Apple, in the military it is Lockheed Martin versus Northrop Gruman versus Boeing. In the USA there is fierce competition and every company makes sure that the other is not favored too much by Washington. This means that there is good control natively.

In Germany it's the other way around. You even help competitors BMW, VW and Mercedes shit together. Airbus is a construct of politics that is allowed to dabble in the armaments and space sector without competition (x times the prices for satellite transport). In the case of an A400M, no one can understand whether the money actually flowed into the plane for the transporter or not simply into the competition against Boeing. As an example, Airbus received 1 billion for marketing this aircraft. In a market that is completely dry.

This competition a) within the EU and b) expanded against the blocs China and USA, allows Germany to subsidize blindly, out of simple fear that one could fall behind. And the crazy thing is, the people are still clapping that the companies are being taken out of responsibility here. It is the companies that have to generate the difference, not the state. This mentality, which has crept in with all the government support, is extremely dangerous. The state is not to blame for the whole misery, it is only promoting it.

But people still think, because their companies are falling behind internationally, that the state is to blame for poor education and a lack of support. The opposite is the case. Companies are falling behind because society keeps apologizing for them. The psychology behind it is that you cannot admit to yourself that you have actually fallen behind. One wants to shift it to a higher authority = the state. It's always easiest to blame the state. No, it is you yourself, the companies and the engineers have fallen behind, not the state. Passing the blame on tariffs, Trump, China ... is incredibly popular in Europe. To look for the causes in oneself is incredibly unpopular. It is better to broadcast what feels like the millionth program about the USA on ARD and ZDF, about how bad it is over there, instead of describing the real problems in your own shop. But you don't get that much self-criticism when you socialize everything, the nice thing about it, with the scheme you are never guilty of yourself.