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Codeshare flight

A flight ticket often contains abbreviations and words that passengers do not know and cannot assign. One example is "operated by". This expression stands for one Codeshare flight. In this article, I'll tell you what it is. I will give examples and explain to you how to recognize these flights. You will also learn the advantages and disadvantages and where to check in.

What is a codeshare flight?

The term Codeshare comes from English. In aviation, code stands for the flight number. Share stands for sharing. If two or more airlines have signed an agreement, they can operate codeshare flights. In other words, two or more airlines operate same flight by. They share a scheduled flight. The airlines assign their own flight numbers for the same flight. In other words: You book a flight with airline A, but airline B operates the flight. These codeshare flights are mainly operated by partner airlines within an alliance. This flight procedure is used in an airline alliance.

The airlines that offer the flights, but do not operate, are called oneMarketing Carrier. You are pure Cooperation partner. The airlines that operate the codeshare flights are called Operating carrier.

Example of codeshare flights

To show you how a codeshare flight works, use the Star Alliance as an example. Lufthansa and United Airlines are among the 28 members of the flight alliance. The two airlines have one Code sharing agreement. You book a ticket through Lufthansa. It goes from Frankfurt am Main Airport to New York. In fact, you are flying with a Lufthansa partner, United Airlines. The flight is the same. You start from Frankfurt am Main and fly to New York City. You have now booked a codeshare flight.

This is how you recognize a codeshare flight

We are sticking to the example of Lufthansa and United Airlines. If you have booked a codeshare flight, you will recognize it in different ways. You can rarely find the information on your flight ticket. It says on your ticket Airline flight numberwho issued it. In our example this is Lufthansa. The Lufthansa code begins with LH. At the airport you can see the Scoreboardwhether your flight is a codeshare flight. The display board usually shows both flight numbers from Lufthansa and United Airlines. Both codes can be displayed alternately. The Flight plans also provide information on codeshare flights. Often you will find the expression "operated by"(In German:" is carried out by "). In our example it would be followed by United Airlines. The corresponding code starts with UA.

Check-in for codeshare flights - this is how it works

As a rule, you have to check in with the airline that operates the flight. At Delta Airlines, for example, this is clearly regulated. If you have booked a flight through Delta Airlines, but the flight is operated by another airline, you have to check in with them. At the airport, the following applies: You do not queue at the Delta Airlines check-in counter, but at the counter of the operating airline. If you are unsure, you can Check-in information ask the relevant airline.

If your not at the airport counter, but check in online want, the same applies. As a rule, you have to check in online with the operating airline. At Delta Airline it is regulated as follows: You have booked a codeshare flight through Delta Airlines. You want to use Delta's online check-in. This is not possible. From the Delta Airlines check-in you will be redirected to the website of the respective airline. There you can for the Check in codeshare flight online.

Advantages of codeshare flights for the airlines

The airlines will benefit first and foremost from the codeshare flights. With these flights they expand your Route network, although they do not have the flights in their offer. The airline that does not operate the flight but only issues the ticket is not actually expanding the route network. It only offers the destinations that make it more attractive for air passengers. The airline that actually operates the flights benefits from higher occupancy rates of the flights.

Advantages and disadvantages of codeshare flights for passengers

Cooperating airlines are expanding their route network through codeshare flights. You also benefit from this. You can choose between onegreater choice of destinations choose. You can also more flexible on air travel be. However, codeshare flights can also disadvantage carry with them. For example, you book a flight with a certain airline because you are convinced of the quality. A flight operated by another airline does not have to offer this quality. This means that you will not always get the expected benefits for which you paid before.

Maybe you will book one next time Codeshare flight! Now you know how to find out.

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