Where can I find templates for website topics

Choose the perfect design template for your website

The website design is an important aspect, after all, the website should be the digital business card of your company. The decisive factor is the selection of the suitable template. Before you decide on a template, think about it, how you want to present your company online - which information should be highlighted, for example, or which products and services you present in which way. Do you need a separate online shop? Would you like a blog? Choose a template that suits you and your offer so that users can become aware of your offer in a simple and intuitive way.

In addition to the website structure is of course also the graphic design important: Regardless of the industry you are in, IONOS offers you a suitable template for your website. To make it easier for you to choose, you can find one already practical classification according to industries: Just click on your industry and we will present you with various template options that fit the general requirements of the industry. The industry categories include, for example:

  • gastronomy
  • Craft
  • trade
  • Services
  • Build live

In the "Leisure, clubs, art & culture" category, for example, you will find attractive fashion templates that you can use for a fashion online shop or the like. Depending on the sector in which your company is involved, certain expectations are associated with the website design. IONOS shows you examples of companies in the respective industry for your orientation creative areas - like photography, fashion or beauty - the websites often focus on creative lifestyle images. Companies or service providers in particular reputable industries, for example lawyers, tax consultants or doctors, often present their content more soberly - the focus is on the information that is usually presented to the customer as text. Remember that the templates and their page layout are only suggestions - you have the option of choosing exactly the template that you like and adapting its design to your wishes.