What are some of the best Coldplay songs

Viva La Vida: The Ten Best Songs from Coldplay

The British rock-pop band was formed in 1996 and consists of frontamn Chris Martin, Will Champion, Jonny Buckland and Guy Berryman. Coldplay had their breakthrough in 2000 with the album "Parachutes", followed in 2002 by the most successful LP in the band's history "A Rush of Blood to the Head". In 2019, "Everyday Life" was released, the so far last work by the British and at the end of 2021 a new album and a tour will be announced. Until then, we'll hear the most beautiful tracks from Coldplay in our top ten list:

"Live Life": This track is the band's first collaboration with Brian Eno, the ambient innovator and co-founder of Roxy Music. With glockenspiel and choir singing as well as a rising melody, the song is a perfect example of a coldplayesque sound.

9. Amsterdam

The song with the typical build-up of tension comes from the band's second album "A Rush Of Blood To The Head": Live this song is a bank, especially since Chris Martin's piano playing differentiates Coldplay from other stadium rockers.

Built around the motif of Kraftwerk's "Computerliebe", this song became a big hit. And Ralf Hütter even gave his blessing to use. He said thank you for asking Chris Martin: "Yes, you can use it, and thank you very much for asking my permission, unlike that bastard Jay-Z."

7. Shiver

The first single of the debut album "Parachutes" is influenced by Jeff Buckley, but it already shows the later Coldplay song ingredients: falsetto singing, ballad touch and shimmering guitars.

6. Trouble

The commercial success of this third carefully arranged quiet single from Coldplay saved the band from ending up as a one-hit wonder, according to Chris Martin.

5. Clocks

Perhaps the ultimate Coldplay song with its swirling piano melody, driving beat and falsetto choir, which ushered in a turning point in the band's work towards synth-laden emotional hymns. The track reminds a little of U2's "Where The Streets Have No Name", which you admittedly missed out on.

4. Yellow

Compared by many to radioheads "Fake Plastic Trees" this is the band's great indie rock ballad: According to Martin, the track reflects the basic moods of Coldplay - hope, devotion and brightness.

3. Fix You

The song from the third album "X&Y" - and described by many critics as the weakest - turned out to be one of Coldplay's most iconic songs. The track is heavily influenced by Elbow's hymn "Grace Under Pressure".

It wasn't until this track was used in Zach Braff's ("Scrubs") indie hit "Garden State" that the song, which was written by the band in 1998, was really appreciated.

1. The Scientist

A world hit, a guarantee for goosebumps and a live anthem par excellence: Written by Chris Martin after listening to George Harrison's "All Things Must Pass". At concerts the last lines of the song are always fervently sung by the fans:

"Nobody said it was easy
No one ever said it would be so hard
I'm going back to the start "