Is it worth emigrating to Mexico

Moving to Mexico: A New Life in a Vacation Setting

White sandy beaches, wonderful nature with rainforests and desert areas and the mysterious traces of the Maya and Aztecs - Mexico is a fascinating country. If you want to make this vast country your new home, it is not exactly easy - moving to Mexico is not an easy task.

Emigration to Mexico: Tight regulations when entering the country

Mexico is a densely populated country, so the governments here are not making great efforts to let infinitely more people into the country. As a tourist, you can easily enter the country with a passport that is still valid for six months and a tourist card bought at the border. However, if you would like to stay here permanently and emigrate to Mexico, you cannot avoid the visa requirement. You should know:

  • Each application is subject to a case-by-case review by the Mexican Ministry of the Interior.
  • The visa must be applied for before entering the country.
  • You can usually get a residence permit without any problems if you are married to a Mexican national or if you can prove that you have sufficient monthly income as a pensioner.
  • The short-term residence permit (Tarjeta de visitante) is issued for a maximum of one year. However, you must have an employment contract in Mexico to do this. This approval is always linked to the employment relationship. If you receive notice of termination, you must leave the country within 30 days.
  • If you have stayed in Mexico for at least five years, you can apply for permanent residence (inmigrado).

Working in Mexico: an option especially for top executives and catering staff

There is one big problem if you want to work and live in Mexico: Mexican employers are only allowed to hire you if there are no nationals available on the job market to do the job. As a rule, this only applies to specialists who are employed, for example, by international organizations or scientific institutions. There is easier access to the labor market only on the Riviera Maya. Gastronomic specialists with language skills in English and Spanish as well as Italian, French or German are very much in demand here. You can therefore enter this region before you have an employment contract in your pocket. However, you are then not allowed to work or live outside of the Riviera Maya.

The standard of living in Mexico

The standard of living is still highest in the north of the country. The further south you go, the easier the average standard of living becomes. The cost of living in Mexico is quite low compared to Europe. In Mexico City you can stay afloat with around 700 to 1,000 euros a month. Living in the country is even cheaper. Food in particular is extremely cheap here.

What you should know about moving to Mexico

In order for your move to Mexico to be a complete success, you should always consider the following aspects:

  • Organization of the move: Start planning your move to Mexico early on. Moving abroad requires significantly more organization than moving within Germany.
  • Application for a visa: Apply for the visa as soon as possible in order to be prepared for possibly longer processing times. Please note, however, that you must enter Mexico within a certain period of time from the date of issue so that the visa does not expire.
  • Moving company: Find a moving company that specializes in moving to the Americas. This is not only about the undamaged transport of your belongings, but also a corresponding container move must be organized and processed on site with customs.
  • Medical supplies: Medical care is excellent in Mexico. Check the validity of your health insurance abroad in good time and, if necessary, take out additional insurance.
  • Accident insurance: In Mexico it is compulsory to take out private accident insurance.
  • Help on site: If you need on-site support, you can contact the German embassy in Mexico City. Address: Calle Lord Byron No. 737, Col. Polanco Chapultepec, 11560 Mexico, D.F. Mexico City