How do Pandavas love their dear Draupadi

Chapter 2 - Krishna says goodbye to the Pandavas

Vaisampayana related:
Krishna Vasudeva, who deserves the worship of all, thus lived happily in Khandavaprastha for some time, enjoying the love and affection of the sons of Pritha always and everywhere. But one day he longed to see his father. So Vasudeva said goodbye to Yudhishthira and Pritha with big eyes and bowed his head to the feet of Kunti, his father's sister. Pritha sniffed his head and hugged him lovingly. Then the glorious Krishna went to his sister. He stepped in front of her in a friendly manner and with tears in his eyes and spoke to the lovable Subhadra brief but gentle words full of meaning and truthfulness, which were appropriate and good and did not require an answer. Subhadra greeted him again, bowed her head reverently several times and asked him to tell her relatives this and that. Then he said goodbye to her, blessed her and next went to Dhaumya and Draupadi. Before Dhaumya he bowed honorably and soothed Draupadi farewell. Then the learned and powerful Krishna went to his cousins, accompanied by Arjuna, and in the midst of the five brothers he shone like Indra in the midst of the heavenly ones. Before the start of the journey, the bull of the Yadus, who bears Garuda in the banner, wished to perform the appropriate rites, cleaned himself with a bath and adorned himself with ornaments. Then he honored the gods and brahmins with wreaths of flowers, mantras, bows and excellent fragrances. After completing all rites, the steadfast and virtuous leader of the yadus left the inner chambers. At the start of his journey, he gave the honorable Brahmins bowls full of cottage cheese, fruits and fried cereals, for which they blessed him. Handing them more presents, Krishna walked around the crowd. Then he got into his excellent, swift and golden carriage, which showed Garuda in the banner and which was equipped with a club, discus, sword, his bow Sharnga and many other weapons. His horses Saivya and Sugriva were tense, and Krishna with eyes like lotus blossoms began the journey in an excellent phase of the moon and under an auspicious constellation of stars.

Yudhishthira, the king of the Kurus, got into Krishna's chariot out of affection, let his excellent charioteer, Daruka, step aside, and himself took the reins. Arjuna with the long arms also jumped up, stepped around Krishna and covered him with a white chamara with a golden handle. The mighty Bhima, the twins, priests and citizens followed Krishna very closely. In the company of the brothers, Krishna shone like a teacher followed by his favorite students. After a while, Govinda spoke (Krishna) to Arjuna and hugged him deeply, then he honored Yudhishthira and Bhima and also hugged the twins. And vice versa, the three older Pandavas hugged him while the twins greeted him. After about half a yojana, Krishna, that destroyer of enemy ranks, spoke respectfully to Yudhishthira and asked him not to accompany him any further. As he did so, he respectfully greeted Yudhishthira and touched his feet. But Yudhishthira immediately picked up the lotus-eyed man, smelled his head and said goodbye: "Have a good trip!" Krishna arranged the next visit and was only able to keep the Pandavas from following him on foot with difficulty. Then he traveled happily to his city as Indra does to Amaravati. Out of love and friendship, the Pandavas watched him for a long time, and their thoughts followed him when he was already out of sight. His pleasant figure quickly vanished from their gaze, although they were not yet satisfied with the sight. Reluctantly, the Pandavas returned to their city. And Krishna reached Dwaraka with his charioteer Daruka as quickly as Garuda, followed by the hero Satyaki.

King Yudhishthira, with immortal glory, and his brothers and friends also returned to their excellent capital. Then the tiger among the men released his brothers and their entourage and went to Draupadi's company. Krishna also entered his city with a joyful heart, honored by all the leaders of the Yadavas, greeted his old father, his glorious mother and his brother Valadeva, embraced Pradyumna, Samba, Nishatha, Charudeshna, Gada, Aniruddha and Bhanu, and, after passing through the After the elderly had been released, Krishna entered the apartments of his wife Rukmini.