When can we see our Creator?

The creation and the creator

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We do not worship creation, we worship God. We believe in the Creator, God - our Heavenly Father who made everything. And in creation we can see our Heavenly Father.

See the Creator in creation

The birds chirp a song that God composed.
The wind rushes gently through the trees in the forest, propelled by God.
The stars get their shine from God's face.

In creation we see God's works. And you and I, too, are God's work - perfectly created and perfectly loved. God rejoices in his works and he rejoices in you too.

“Let the glory of the Lord endure forever; let the Lord rejoice in his works! … I will sing to the Lord all my life, will play to my God as long as I am. ”(Psalm 104, verses 31 + 33, multitude of Bible)

Yes, Almighty God, who created everything, is your most loving Heavenly Father.

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