How insensitive am I

Just not so sensitive!

"Now don't play them insulted liverwurst! That with the mimosa I didn't mean it like that. "-" You give yourself that way delicately-tempered. You always have to handle with kid gloves"Well: liver sausages are difficult to insult, but people can, especially very sensitive ones. And they play particularly quickly insulted liverwurst. At least that's how their environment sees them and uses the appropriate slang title or label. A rich treasure, a wide variety of expressions and idioms offers something for everyone.

Wallflowers and still water

Hidden beauty

Wallflower have with still waters in common that they are considered extremely inexperienced and harmless. A Wallflower on closer inspection it remains, so to speak, entirely limited to its lonely beauty and its scent. It must wither alone and unnoticed by the world. The flowery title refers to people who cannot find a partner because they are considered too inconspicuous and therefore don't get any attention.

quiet waters on the other hand, it can sometimes be deep abysmal. Perhaps behind the facade of the calm-looking colleague there is a passionate romantic person and behind the inconspicuous neighbor there is an aggressive choleric. In any case, pure and flawless characters are rare. Also very popular to have your Corners and edges. Nobody is perfect, everyone has flaws because there are no roses without thorns.

Facets of sensitivity

Be careful when touching! Very sensitive!

The mimosa a little breeze is enough to be shaken and to seal their leaves. In human Mimosa rather, it is words that quickly lead to disgruntlement. You have to handle with kid gloves, so be extremely careful and considerate so that they do not react offended or hurt.

Some people look at such sensitivity with understanding and benevolence, speak of one delicate beings or one special thin-skinned People. Others find great sensitivity - emotional as well as physical - only annoying, exaggerated and disturbing. Sensitive ones are reviled by them as Wimps and Warm showerers.

Hard rock and rough block

That is left over when rough blocks behave like an ax in the forest

Different from the mimosa do that Solid as a rock Wind and waves do not matter. It remains undamaged, defies any weather, even storms and thunderstorms cannot harm it. An expressive speech image for unshakable People who are considered very reliable. They stick to their attitude, their goals and ideas and are considered to have a strong character. A human rock in the surf arouses admiration.

But it can also be bad if you don't allow yourself to be impressed by other opinions - namely if you do iron acts and thick-skinned, so ignorant and insensitive. You don't care about others and their feelings rough chunk. It triggers repugnance and disgust, especially when it then also leads to disgust Thick skull who wants to enforce his ideas under all circumstances.

Swankies like to hit the plaster

Some like to make fat Max

Of course, there are many counterparts to sensitive and overly timid personalities. The colloquial world of rascals and show-offs is large. Swanky heads and Loudmouths are not anatomical peculiarities or deformities. They are just always faster, bigger, smarter, so definitely better than others. At least they pretend so and hit with pleasure on the plaster, fluff themselves up like male birds in the mating season and emphasize their extraordinary abilities everywhere.

Whether heavy or slim, do many also like that thick max, drive an expensive car that they cannot even afford, wear luxurious clothes or watches. However, some of these pomposity are so good at their roles that gullible ones do them go on the glue, the exaggerated at face value take and on the Blender fall for. On closer inspection, the scenario of the great skills often turns out to be hot air, that is, as a big nothing, and the big, quick, clever guy reveals himself to be a fraud.

Elephants in a china shop

Trying to save what can be saved!

over Swanky heads and Blender one gets angry, Elephants in a china shop rather arouse pity. And we all know them, the clumsy and clumsy people who knock something over when they stoop, hit the neighbour's lap while pouring coffee, drop the cup while drying the dishes and push the picture off the wall when sweeping up the broken pieces with a broom.

Not to forget the less sensitive, those without a lengthy preface fall into the house with the doorto say what they want in rather clumsy words. In job interviews, you should be careful and not stress your salary expectations in the second sentence before you can convey which skills qualify you for the desired job.

Fine, fine, ...

Teenager in a suit with a big cigar

They are not very pleasant contemporaries fine pee. Sometimes you actually have money in your pocket and in your account, but you always try to present yourself as something special with elegant fuss. With graceful gestures and carefully chosen expressions, they constantly highlight their good taste. Such behavior is usually bad, is considered to be inflated and grandiose.

In an extreme case, you could imagine a well-dressed lady in a restaurant complaining that the cutlery next to the plate is not arranged correctly or the color of the tablecloth does not match the interior.

Always stay on the carpet

Those who pretend to be like etepetete titled - a term mostly used for a woman. The right man could sit by her side. He may find out about the title Fatzke or lacquer monkey. Best to leave out all the fuss and modest, so stay on the carpet.

Questions about the text

A insulted liverwurst is called a person ...
1. who gets upset and loud quickly.
2. It is as sensitive as a mimosa and easily offended.
3. who is particularly timid and does not believe in anything.

Human Wallflower are considered ...
1. Extremely ugly and are therefore avoided.
2. so small that they are mostly overlooked.
3. harmless, well-behaved and inexperienced.

As etepetete are people called ...
1. who always remain friendly and attentive, even if they are insulted.
2. who formulate particularly awkward sentences and therefore cannot be understood by anyone.
3. who constantly emphasize that they value good taste and style and that they get overly excited about small inaccuracies.

Work order
Sensitivity is a virtue for some; others find it excessive and a nuisance. Using the slang terms that appear in the text, construct a dispute that makes different attitudes to sensitivity clear.