What are speaking skills and strategies

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At Toastmasters, guests are generally welcome. Simply register informally via [email protected] or just drop by on the spur of the moment! You can find the dates of our club evenings here.

What can you expect as a guest? An open mixture of different characters, ages and professional and personal backgrounds, which all have one goal in common: to learn, improve and perfect speaking skills and effective communication. An environment that allows you to experience feedback efficiently and a constructive atmosphere in which you can actually learn through feedback. Toastmasters is like a "language laboratory".

In order to give guests the opportunity to actively sniff the Toastmasters air, you can also take part in the impromptu speeches as a guest. How cool is that?

You have been our guest once or several times and now want to become a member. But how does that work? Thats is quite easy!

  1. download the membership application and GDPR form and fill out both
  2. give it to the vice president membership or another board member at the next club night

Data protection is very important to us. We see the processing of personal data as a responsible task for everyone involved. You can read all the details in this PDF.

Great! Whatever it is, just ask us. We are happy to answer your questions!