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Himachal Pradesh is characterized by high peaks, valleys and a taste of the east. Its legendary nature offers mountain relaxation and active holidays.

The Himachal Pradesh offers a unique mix of high mountains and tropical gardens, in fact the climatic conditions the English brought this capital of their summer to make Shimla the state capital today. In order to reach it easily because of the difficult roads, and the special shape of the area, in 1903 a narrow-gauge railway was traveled by the small and picturesque Toy Trains, still the main way to get to the city, now an important center for winter sports and trekking , always a privileged destination during the humid summer months for families living on the plain.
One of the three national highways that lead us within the gate area to Ladakh via Mandi and the Rohtang Pass, or through the NH following 22 Chandigarh and Shimla and then to the east into the valley of the Kinnaur and the Sinotibetan border.
The remote and fascinating Lahaul-Spiti neighborhood has some of the earliest Hindu temples in the area, adorned with magnificent sculptures and wooden bas-reliefs.

Shimla is the capital of the state, the center of which is placed on the top, the ridge, crossed by the main corridor, the mall, marked by yellowish Christ Church, and by the post office and ends just after the so-called scandal point.

Starting to the north is the beautiful Kullu valley, where the vegetation is legendary, but that the design of the future pharaohs speculation for tourism is seriously endangered. The town itself is of little interest, with the exception of the shopping, but the valley continues between breathtaking gorges to Manali, where the mild climate and spectacular nature are framed by giants from the eternal snow. In the old part there are numerous buildings with carved wooden verandas and richly decorated doors. Tailoring and shoemaking workshops are frequent in the city, and there has long been a Tibetan community and an equally remarkable international community. It is contemplated with the nearby and lovely medieval Vashisht village, the mountain version of Goa, with all that can mean.

The same environment in the Manali area can also be found in McLeodganj; To be too small a town in itself, and also to be a village internationally, McLeodganj owes much of its population to western volunteers working for dozens of NGOs for Tibet.

A Southwest Dharamsala, about sixty kilometers, are the ruins of the complex of the Masroor Cave Temple, originally consisting of 19 Hindu shrines dating from VII-VIII centuries AD. and from a huge block of sandstone, otherwise in India, only in Ellora and Mamallapuram, but here carved from the top of an altar. Although badly damaged by an earthquake at the beginning of the twentieth century that completely razed four, the elegant and impressive group of temples in Nagara style, surrounded by an idyllic landscape and accompanied by the ritual bath, offers exquisite examples of decorative and relief in the Interiors and on portals, pillars and Shikhara.

Drive towards the eastern part of the state and reach the Spiti Valley via Rohtang Pass, 3979 m. Often very busy; all'indubitabile about scenic charm of this desert mountain valley here are some of the oldest Buddhist monasteries still in operation in the world, such as the complex or chos-khor, ki and tabo.

You can also reach from Shimla Sarahan, where you will find the most important temples for Shri Shakti Bhima Kali, and then from there up Chitkul, Baspa on the bank of the river, where you will find yourself in a much more picturesque last inhabited place before the border with Tibet.

Even a short stay in Himachal Pradesh will relax you and you will settle with the country when the inevitable and intrusive human overcrowding we had a little 'stressed out in the plains. Its orchards, its waterfalls, its mountains and its discreet people are always a bargain for both the traveler and the casual tourist.

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