Are politicians deeply happy

Overjoyed and deeply dismayed

The ÖVP does not want to discuss the future of Governor Waltraud Klasnic until Monday. ÖVP country manager Andreas Schnider : "One will sleep on it for a night" According to Schnider, Klasnic reacted "humanely" to the result; the voters decide.

For KPÖ top candidate Ernest Kaltenegger the election is "a huge step forward for the KPÖ". Kaltenegger has not yet decided whether he will support Voves in the free choice of governor in the state parliament.

Disappointment with the Greens. According to Green Country Managing Director Martin Hochegger , Ingrid Lechner-Sonnek was a good top candidate, but many protest voters were withdrawn by KPÖ man Kaltenegger, some of them by the "exotic retro-politician" Gerhard Hirschmann. Hochegger sees no reason for personnel consequences.

The FPÖ, which hoped for a basic mandate until the end, speaks of a collective guilt of the freedomists: "We are all to blame because we have dealt too much with ourselves." It is now not a matter of assigning blame or justification, but of how to start again, said FPÖ state chief Lutz Weinzinger .

"We are inferior in the battle of the giants, unfortunately we were not recognized as an alternative," he said Styrian regional chairman of the BZÖ, Gerald Grosz . The time was too short to be able to memorize the voters.

Although the Hirschmann list did not make it into the state parliament, it will pass it on, he assures us Chairman of the LH, Heinz Gössl . "The election campaign harmed the ÖVP and the small parties."

For ÖVP General Secretary Reinhold Lopatka is a "bitter and painful defeat" recorded. "The result is thought-provoking," said Lopatka. The split in the ÖVP with the departure of Gerhard Hirschmann was "severely punished" and thereby the "successful work" of the ÖVP was covered up. In addition, seven other lists had carried out a "destruction campaign" against Klasnic.

SPÖ federal manager Doris Bures already cheered after the first extrapolation: "This is a beautiful day for Styria and a clear vote in favor of a policy of renewal in Styria." Her summary: "Wolfgang Schuessel's policy of smashing the welfare state, the broken election promises and total aloofness was not appreciated." Similarly commented SPÖ chairman Alfred Gusenbauer the result: "This is a very good result for Styria, the SPÖ and the political culture in our country."

By not entering the Styrian state parliament, the FPÖ missed its election target and suffered a painful defeat, all the more painful because the bottom line was that only a handful of votes were missing, said FPÖ General Secretary Herbert Kickl . The election result shows that the massive attempts at destruction by the ÖVP and BZÖ have lost trust.

Although the Greens are stagnating, they gave up Federal spokesman Alexander Van der Bellen "satisfied". When asked whether the hope had not been set higher, he said: "Not necessarily." He pointed out that at least seven parties had run.

The Green federal manager Michaela Sburny spoke of a "debacle for the governing parties".

He is "really sorry" for the Styrian BZÖ, declared the BZÖ's top candidate for the Vienna election on October 23, Hans-Jörg Schimanek . However, he does not fear a similarly poor performance in Vienna: "Vienna and Styria are two different things."

Federal KPÖ chief Walter Baier, spoke of a "great election success, but added that the Styrian success of the KPÖ depends very much on the person of Kaltenegger.