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Managers on Twitter: These six experts should be followed

“If a German CEO proactively aligns his company to the future, he is considered 'pathetic' or 'philosophical'. When a weed colleague in the USA speaks of 'Peterchen's trip to the moon', he is an astonished visionary ”- one of the most aggressive Twitter managers, Siemens boss Joe Kaeser, blatantly wedged against Tesla boss Elon Musk with these 230 characters.

Meanwhile, Kaeser said the tweet was unnecessary. Nevertheless, he was refreshing, personal, opinion-forming and probably even honest. On that day, no one came as close to the Siemens boss as his Twitter followers. The tweet had been retweeted hundreds of times before the media reported.

Kaeser is kind of a digital luminary, so he may be a role model for some business leaders. More and more Dax bosses, managing directors and investors are trying their hand at the microblogging platform. After hiding behind their company for a long time, more and more manager faces can now be seen on Twitter.

So in a network in which otherwise young techies, mothers, some influencers and journalists cavort. According to a Twitter study, however, every fourth Twitter user is a decision maker. According to an ARD / ZDF online study, five percent of Germans swipe or twitter themselves at least once a month.

The top managers among them pursue different strategies. Most of them are of no interest to the user. Many executives extend the arm of the press department.