What's wrong with my air conditioner

Air conditioning: energy guzzler or hoped for cooling down?

The air conditioning, your friend and helper: As much as we look forward to the bright weather in summer - once the heat has set in the apartment or house, the desire to cool down often arises. But what is the difference between mobile and fixed air conditioning systems and what are the advantages and disadvantages?

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Air conditioning tasks

The main task of the air conditioning system is to cool a room to a desired temperature. The difference between outside and inside temperature should not be higher than about five to six degrees. In order to achieve this desired room cooling, the so-called "cooling load calculation" should be made by a specialist before buying an air conditioning system: It calculates the individual cooling requirement depending on room specifications such as room size, solar radiation, heat sources and other parameters and simplifies the selection of the right device.

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A modern air conditioner does much more than just coolness at the push of a button: It can heat, filter the room air and regulate the humidity. The advantage: The dehumidification of the air and the pollen and dust filtering system of the air conditioning system reduce the risk of infection in your own four walls.

Mobile air conditioning: monoblock and split units

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