Who is the richest gay man

Forbes: There are seven LGBT billionaires

The fashion designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana made it onto the list as the only LGBT representatives from Europe with a fortune of 1.65 billion dollars each (Image: newsonline / Flickr / by 2.0)

Six gay men (including three fashion designers) and a trans woman also made the list of dollar billionaires.

In the latest "Forbes" ranking of the richest people in the world, seven people from the LGBT community have been included this year, who are worth a total of 16 billion US dollars (12 billion euros). The LGBT share among the 1,645 billionaires around the world is 0.4 percent.

The richest openly gay man is the media mogul David Geffen, who has a fortune of 6.1 billion dollars. Overall, it ranks 227 in the "Forbes" list. The 71-year-old son of Israeli immigrants started several record labels that had superstars such as Guns'N'Roses and Cher in their repertoire. He was also a co-founder of the DreamWorks SKG film studio. Geffen is also considered a philanthropist and supports, among other things, AIDS organizations and LGBT groups that campaign for the opening of marriage.

The second richest gay man is the US investor Peter Andreas Thiel, who was born in Frankfurt and who, among other things, co-founded PayPal. He is controversial in the scene because of his support for right-wing groups like the Tea Party. For example, he made large donations to the populist Senator Ted Cruz - even though the Republican calls on Christians to pray against gay rights.

Other gay billionaires include fashion designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana from Italy and Michael Kors from the USA. Jon Stryker is also on the list. The American had inherited the health goods company Stryker Corporation from his father.

First trans woman on billionaires list

Since coming out last year, Jennifer Pritzker has also campaigned for LGBT rights

As the first and only transgender, 63-year-old Jennifer Pritzker made it into the exclusive round with a fortune of 1.8 billion dollars. The former US soldier (rank: Colonel) grew up as James in a wealthy family that had earned a lot of money as the owner of the Hyatt hotel chain, among other things. There are a total of eleven billionaires within this family. Jennifer Pritzker had only announced in the middle of last year that she would identify as a woman.

According to the list, there isn't a single openly lesbian billionaire. However, "Forbes" noted that "there could of course be more LGBT billionaires whose sexual orientation has not yet been made public".

Compared to the richest in the world, however, LGBT representatives only earn "peanuts": After a four-year break, the list is headed again this year by Microsoft founder Bill Gates, who has a fortune of $ 76 billion. Second is the Mexican telecom tycoon Carlos Slim Helu ($ 72 billion) ahead of the Spanish entrepreneur Amancio Ortega ($ 64 billion), who also owns the Zara fashion chain. The richest Germans are Aldi founder Karl Albrecht with 25 billion dollars and Lidl boss Dieter Schwarz with 21 billion dollars. The discount pioneers occupy places 23 and 29 worldwide. (Dk)