What are some pictures of real luck

Nono Yesyes - with Nono Konopka

Art Shooting Star, 5-digit sums for pictures, life in complete freedom. How do you become a full-time artist? What makes you successful in the art market? And why wasn't the detour via a legal career so wrong? My guest today is Paul Schrader. Paul comes from Hamburg, is one of the hottest artists and actually didn't plan this path at all. As a fully qualified lawyer, he only worked in a law firm for a few years before he took the plunge and now earns his living with beautiful, colorful pictures. Paul and I knew each other before, and shortly before we recorded the episode, I even went to see him at the vernissage. Today I asked him how you can even start your career as an artist, when he notices that a picture is ready and whether he believes that you can also make money with art, if that is the goal. He told me why his pictures represent the breakout of the hamster wheel and what advice his grandma always gave him.

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Music: Amadeus Indezki
Photo: Rankin