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Professional speakers and voice actors

We don't speak every language in the world. For this reason, we solve the language barrier problem as follows. For one thing, we bet exclusively to professional translators. We acquire these in translation agencies that work with Native speakers work together. This means that we use a German native speaker who can speak Russian for a language adaptation from Russian to German. For an adaptation from German to Russian, on the other hand, we use a Russian translator who can speak German. This ensures that we translate the target language as the target audience speaks it.

Furthermore, we only work with native speakers. This means that foreign-language speakers do not necessarily have to be based in Germany. We set for this Spokesperson agencies like Voice123 one. We get in touch with foreign native speakers. Here we only select those who live in the respective country. The background to this is that we only work with speakers who speak as is customary today in the respective country. A speaker who speaks Chinese but has lived in Germany for 20 years may speak differently than the Chinese population does.

We also ensure that the respective speaker does not speak any dialect. To do this, after a language sample, we consult with translation agencies and other people who speak the language. We also use these for them Control of the soundtrack a. We don't just trust the translation and voice recording. Another instance controls the final result.