Is Donald Trump a centrist

According to the US election"Trump will do everything possible to avoid admitting defeat"

The designated US President Joe Biden and the incumbent US President Donald Trump are even more different these days than they already are. Biden, recognized by statesmen and women worldwide as "president-elect", shows understanding for the disappointed Trump voters, solicits opinions from Corona experts and symbolically shakes hands with the opposing camp. Donald Trump, on the other hand, does not acknowledge his defeat, goes to the golf course, so goes to a diving station. From there he brings his lawyers into position and dismisses unpleasant staff: He has unceremoniously fired Secretary of Defense Mike Esper.

(picture alliance / AP Photo / Carolyn Kaster) Trump is history - and that's a good thing
Donald Trump will go down in the annals as the worst US president: clueless, uneducated, ruthless, comments Marcus Pindur. Joe Biden must now govern as he campaigned: as a reconciler and as a political centrist.

The historian Ute Frevert has taught at Yale, knows the United States from her own experience and researches and publishes, among other things, on the political history of modern times and the history of emotions. She expected Trump's reaction no different:

"Despite, I wouldn't call it," she said in the Dlf. "He's a player of himself." But he doesn't know the role of the loser, says Frevert. "I can step on anyone's feet and am invulnerable myself - he is now playing that role again."

Problematic: the behavior of the Republican Party

But for Frevert, that of the Republican Party is far more problematic than Trump's behavior. Very few Republican representatives would have congratulated Joe Biden. Hardly any of them do what the order of things requires and is the tradition of the last 200 years after an election defeat. According to Frevert, the impression is created that attempts are being made in the background to delay or even thwart the process of a new beginning.

"I believe that Trump and his party do not yet understand this terrible defeat as such. It is fake news for them," said Frevert. They stuck to a scenario that was outlined early on, namely that an election victory for the Democrats is only possible because of their "sinister machinations". For this you bring yourself and the electorate into position. This attitude is "insanely dangerous", emphasizes the historian Ute Frevert.

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Against this background, Joe Biden's offer of reconciliation is in vain. Many in the party, including Republican supporters, refused to have their rights stolen, Frevert believes. There was no response at all to Biden's offer. Nor do you say, "Okay, we've lost the democratic game, maybe we'll win it again in four years." No - it's an existential fight, it's a war.

As long as Trump has not held his so-called "Concession Speech" and thus enables the process of the transfer of power, Ute Frevert does not see him as a "lame duck". [Editor's note: In the United States' political system, a so-called 'lame duck' is a president or other politician who is still in office but is not running for re-election or has lost an election. Especially domestically, he is considered incapable of acting. Source: Wikipedia]

Radicalization of social feelings

Ute Frevert believes that Trump and the Republican Party would try all legal tricks to stay in power. The next few weeks would show how far Trump will go.

(dpa / picture alliance / RS / MPI / Capital Pictures) Future US Vice President Kamala Harris - "She embodies the new, dynamic America"
The future Vice President of the USA, Kamala Harris, stands with her origins for the ethnic and religious diversity of the USA, said Britta Waldschmidt-Nelson in the Dlf. The cultural scientist thinks Harris is suitable to reunite her country.

"It's a very exciting time, but not so much because of the emotions of Donald Trump and Joe Biden, but because of the emotions that Trump has managed to hold for four years," explains the historian. Emotions directed against "the terrible establishment and the terrible democrats" who wanted to change America and against whom something has to be defended. One could speak of a time of radicalization of social feelings, explains Frevet. This is worrying "in connection with the love many Americans have for arms," ​​said the historian.

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