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Love hits us all, and it is usually not a walk in the park, especially not when the years go by. Frank Schulz follows his protagonists like a private detective, he takes a close look at their souls - but he is never frightened by what he finds. Schulz, the chronicler of everyday life and all of its shallows, captures the sound of spoken language like no one else. A junior senior (60) delivers a verbal ping-pong with his young girlfriend via SMS, which is so nasty on an equal footing that one is completely enchanted: that must be love after all! A man and a woman write letters to each other that the other is not allowed to open until twenty years later. And anyway: getting older is by no means a peaceful matter. When, for example, your eyes and memory have faded just enough that you, like the entrepreneur's widow in the Spreewaldresort, are no longer sure whether your husband fell into the gorge while hiking - or whether you pushed him a bit yourself.

Review note on Die Tageszeitung, 10/22/2018

Frank Schäfer senses great literature in the stories of Frank Schulz. Only sometimes does the author seem to him to throw neologisms and other linguistic extravangances around and almost bury the stories underneath. Schäfer likes the author best on his way into a new phase of his work. When Schulz sensitively writes down his own family history, about the father and a village socialization in the 1950s, about the death of his mother, Schäfer finds it both shocking and fascinating because of its humble linguistic simplicity.

Review note on Süddeutsche Zeitung, October 5th, 2018

Frank Schulz is not only funny! This is what reviewer Burkhard Müller's program reads and it really seems to be important to him to bring it to everyone who only thinks of 20.5% of the name Schulz or, at best, of Onno Viets, the funny private detective. With this request, Müller is pulling together with Galiani Verlag, which recently published a volume of short stories with which one wants to "expand the reception base" and finally get the well-deserved recognition for the versatile author. Müller, who cannot praise every text in the collection wholeheartedly and critically calls it "mixed", is nevertheless happy about "grace and cowardice", because apart from a few less significant stories and a painfully unsuitable reach into the toilet, there are some of the best texts gathered. These are characterized above all by a distinctive language and the revealing depiction of the embarrassing, behind which, however, a fundamental understanding and compassion is always evident. That’s not just satire, but great literature, says reviewer Burkhard Müller.
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Review note on Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, September 22, 2018

Wiebke Porombka is very fond of the prose texts by Frank Schulz, anecdotes, stories, purrs gathered here. When the author reports on the sadness of old age and the lack of style in existence, the reviewer senses a sentimentality that is unusual for this comic author. She discovers something touching in the familiar when characters from other texts appear or when Schulz mixes autobiographical elements into fiction. Porombka gives him great credit for the fact that Schulz never becomes condescending or bitter, but dryly expresses his approval of failure.
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