Why are people creative

Creative people ...
10 properties and what they do differently

5. Creative people get started and persevere

Creative people like to dream. But they also have an urge to make their ideas real. To do this, you have to start. For many this is the hurdle: sending ideas out of the protected space of fantasy into the limited world of reality. Can i do it? I still have so much to learn to do that. Others have already done that much better ... Creative people just go now. Perhaps hesitantly at first, but they cannot stay dreaming. They find strategies on how to pull off projects. Especially with long-term projects such as writing a book or starting a business idea. With ideas that are intrinsically motivated, creative people have the ability to activate their motivation again and again. Keeping the fascination needs new perspectives that are nourished by curiosity and dreams.

This is how you encourage you to stick with it: keep immersing yourself in your idea, in your vision. Get inspiration. It helps you get started and stick with it. If you can't start, look carefully: WHY don't you start? What is holding you back Do you lack clarity or do you have doubts? Procrastinating and procrastinating is just one symptom of a creative block.


6. Creative people have a routine - a workout for ideas

Creative people are often referred to as chaotic people. In fact, they work in a very disciplined and structured manner in their personal routine. Your own routine as protection against procrastination (procrastination), frustration and too many ideas. It makes it possible for creative people to switch from fantasizing to making. Because having ideas is one thing, implementing them is something completely different.

How to Promote Your Own Creative Routine:
1. Find a space within you, your “inner creative work space”. It gives you focus, clarity and strength.
2. Protect and monitor your physical workspace and establish techniques that suit you and your “craft”: journaling, checklists and work processes.


7. Creative people want to be able to choose

Many creative people often have an urge to develop. Rigid rules, structured and externally regulated procedures are not exactly the preferred fields of work for creative people. But that doesn't mean that everyone has to be artists, freelance writers and musicians. Rather, it is about the fact that creative people need the freedom to choose their own path. By this I mean being able to design work processes yourself and, above all, to be able to work independently and self-motivated.


8. Creative people are positive and eager to experiment

Nothing ventured nothing gained. Creative people are keen to experiment and affirm diversity. They like to try things out, even if they don't know whether they will be successful. Creative people are just as afraid of failure as others, but they tend to accept dead ends or turn detours into achievements. In psychology, this property is called “self-efficacy”. It is often easier for creative people to get up again after a "fall" and even make something new out of the fall. Start-ups, inventors and researchers would not get anywhere without a willingness to take risks.

This is how you promote your positive mindset and your willingness to experiment: be open-minded and appreciate the detour. The more you see in the now what is available, the easier it is for you to accept what is available and see the positive and try out new things. In the Morning Flow Club on Nov. 16, 2020, “Treasure the detour” was all about that.


9. Creative people see inspiration and need purpose

There's one thing with inspiration: it wants to be seen, but not forced. Creative people find inspiration everywhere and in very different ways. Here, too, curiosity plays a role. Inspiration takes place when we are relaxed and wide awake at the same time. Targeted daydreams are the secret weapons of creative people. Paradoxically, however, many creative people also say that they need pressure to be at their best. However, I don't think it's about the pressure, but about the meaning or purpose.


10. Creative people are not afraid of being different and alone

Creative people are always eccentric? That's not true. But creative people often like to be different and stand out from others. They don't always like to show it. But that doesn't mean that they don't like to stand by their being different. Many creative people like to be alone from time to time. Listen to your own thoughts, dream and develop ideas. That doesn't mean that creative people are generally recluses or not team players. The mix makes it. A storm also needs calm to gather again.