Is Cristiano Ronaldo Christian

Coach Christian Streich from SC Freiburg has once again emphasized that he does not attach too much importance to public and media presence.

"When I imagine being Cristiano Ronaldo - a horror. It's enough for me," said Streich im SWR facing the Real Madrid superstar, who is under "an unbelievable observation".

"So, where should you go?" Asked Streich and added, relieved: "I can go on vacation undetected, that is impossible with him."

Prank: "Read next to nothing about me"

Ronaldo is in the semi-finals at the EM in France with Portugal and will meet the surprise team Wales there on Wednesday evening (from 8.30 p.m. LIVE on our sports radio and on LIVETICKER).

Meanwhile, Streich said, looking at himself, that he was not concerned with what was being reported about him in the media.

"I like reading the newspaper, but I read next to nothing about myself," reveals Streich, who has a simple explanation: "So that I don't have to get upset and I don't lose my strength for my work."

SC Freiburg to kick off with Hertha BSC

With this, the 51-year-old was so successful last season that he will be able to do first-class work with the sports club again in the future. In the Bundesliga, however, Streich expects "a different quality. We would definitely have lost many of the games we won in the second division in the Bundesliga."

Freiburg will start the new season on August 27th or 28th (LIVE on our sports radio and in LIVETICKER) with an away game at Hertha BSC.