Why is life so fragile

This week in the university clinic, after a visit, I'm still a little bit in the hallway, enough to see a lot. A woman comes out of the doctor's room, her partner's questioning look, tears, an awkward hug. People with walking aids drag themselves laboriously through the corridor. Patients are anxiously waiting for their appointment.
How much we can suffer when it hits us, or suddenly the dearest. When the next person gets sick, is threatened in his fragile beauty, just like every person, without exception, is. Everything is fragile, every security, every treasure, every love ...
“If God couldn't have done it differently,” asks my son. I look at him. “No, my darling,” I say, “he probably wanted it that way. So fragile. So fragile. And so beautiful. "
And maybe we feel something of God's love for us humans when we love someone, just as he approaches us, fragile, endangered, and fearful for his life.
Couldn't he have done it differently? Yes, sometimes I ask that too, had he not been able to choose better tools, perfect and strong. Not so - weak ... not so - human ... And isn't his creative power wasted in beings who can deface and kill a disease, depress disappointment? Sometimes I think: I want to keep the magic, hold the moment, keep happiness, box the miracle for myself. But the miracle is not forever. It is for the moment, it is for the present. Life happens: now!
Now is the time of grace. Now. When else?
Suddenly there is such a tremendous strength. I can guess what that might be. If I do not secure, but dare to live the fragility, if I do not care about happiness but radiate it, then my fear turns into confidence. When I dare to be poor, needy, wounded and still just as alive, when I dare to live in the now despite a crippling past and a frightening future, then my weakness turns into strength.
Couldn't God have done it differently? Had he, probably already, what should be impossible for him? Maybe I would be without cracks and unbreakable, without fear and suffering. But I suspect: I would also be very rigid. And lonely. But when I trace the fragility of my life with my fingers, then these lines always lead me to other people and to God. https://www.kirche-im-swr.de/?m=7791