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Tobacco heater is also no healthier than cigarette

Sydney (Australia) - Just heat instead of burn - so-called tobacco heaters are heavily advertised as a supposedly safe alternative to cigarettes and e-cigarettes. And the advertising promises a lot: no smoke, but steam, so no smell either. Smoking is said to be healthier than the consumption of conventional cigarettes and that with unadulterated tobacco consumption. Sounds promising, but it is far from being “healthier”. A direct comparison presented by researchers from Australia and India in the journal "ERJ Open Research" shows that even if the tobacco is only heated and not burned, the steam damages lung cells just as much as conventional cigarette smoke and is no less harmful than the steam from E-cigarettes.

"Our results suggest that all three are toxic to the cells of our lungs and that these new tobacco heaters are just as harmful as traditional cigarettes," said Pawan Sharma of the University of Sydney, senior author of the study. His colleague and lead author Sukhwinder Sohal from the University of Tasmania adds: "It came out very clearly that the newer products are by no means less harmful to the lung cells than conventional cigarettes or e-cigarettes." The researchers and their colleagues had in the cell culture tested the effects of these three sources of nicotine on two types of cells from the human lung. They exposed the cells to different concentrations of cigarette smoke, vapor from e-cigarettes and that from tobacco heaters, and looked to see if this treatment damaged the cells and impaired their normal function.

"We know that damage to these two types of lung cells can destroy lung tissue and lead to serious diseases such as COPD, lung cancer and pneumonia and increase the risk of asthma," the researchers said. Both low and high doses of cigarette smoke and the steam from the tobacco heaters had a highly toxic effect on the lung cells. Among other things, oxidative stress and inflammatory processes increased. The results clearly show that the tobacco heaters, which are often advertised as healthier and safer alternatives, are anything but harmless. The vapor from e-cigarettes, on the other hand, was found to be harmful mainly in higher concentrations - but these are by no means harmless.

"These new tobacco heaters are advertised as producing 95 percent less toxic substances - because tobacco is only heated and not burned," explains Charlotta Pisinger from the Tobacco Control Committee of the European Respiratory Society, which was not involved in the study by Sharma and colleagues , the current background. However, the first independent studies have shown that toxic substances are produced - some in higher, others in lower amounts than when smoking. And even data collected by the tobacco industry itself provided evidence of inflammatory processes in the lungs of rats and found no evidence that the lung health of smokers who switched to the heater improved. Pisinger considers the introduction and strong promotion of the new devices to be questionable: “This is a great temptation for smokers who want to quit and mistakenly assume that they can switch to a more harmless tobacco product. And it opens up a new way of seducing young people into indulgence and becoming addicted to nicotine. This study adds to the evidence that these new devices are not the safe replacement for cigarette smoking they are advertised as. "

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source: "IQOS exposure impairs human airway cell homeostasis: direct comparison with traditional cigarette and e-cigarette", Sohal, Sharma et al., ERJ Open Research, https://doi.org/10.1183/23120541.00159-2018