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If you've been following me and my DIY ideas for a while, you will know how much I love homemade bracelets. Since quite a few bracelet instructions have come together in the meantime, I would like to present them to you individually again - this way you can find what you like faster. For my DIY bracelets I use very different techniques. Here you will find classic braiding techniques, unusual knots or macrame bracelets. Even if you are looking for instructions for men's bracelets, you will find them here. It is important to me that they too different versions from a bracelet to show. Because that is exactly what is special about DIY bracelets for me: You use a different material and the bracelet looks completely different, even though it is the same technology. So, let's make great bracelets together!

Make bracelets yourself - the advantages:

Why do I like these handicrafts so much? Here are the reasons:

  • For DIY bracelets you only need little material and therefore little money.
  • You can quickly see the crafting progress.
  • You don't have to be a professional to knot.
  • You can tie bracelets anywhere. (For example, I love to make bracelets myself on vacation on the beach.)
  • The bracelet instructions can be implemented very individually.
  • You can change the entire style of a bracelet with simple means (e.g. pearls and clasps) - from a casual summer bracelet to a classy eye-catcher.
  • With a (macrame) slide fastener, bracelets can be flexibly adjusted in size.
  • For these reasons, DIY bracelets are also a great DIY gift idea.

Bracelets are made in different styles

I love DIY bracelets especially in summer. I used to buy some bracelets on my summer vacation, now I can make them myself. These are simply part of a casual summer look. Rediscovered this year: anklets. These then round off the summer outfit properly. But I also like to wear bracelets for the rest of the year - with more muted colors and / or pearls you can give bracelets a very classy look, which in turn goes well with autumn / winter. Or you choose light, summery colors on purpose to contrast the wintry gray.

DIY bracelets from light to heavy

Do you want to start over in the field of bracelets? Then try a simple macrame wrap bracelet or a braided bracelet. A look at my article on bracelet clasps can't hurt to get started ;-). A macrame bracelet with square knots and pearls is on it moderatewhen you have yet to learn the macrame technique. Knot professionals should try my hand at my bracelet for men.

So you see, there is something for everyone - now you just have to start!