How was Missouri 100 years ago

How was life 100 years ago

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We children of class 4b have been concerned with life around 1900 since the beginning of the school year.

Together we wrote down research questions about inventions, kitchen appliances or harvesting machines, e.g .: What did clothes look like in the past? What jobs were there? How was school 100 years ago? How long have you got french fries? And who actually invented nail polish?
We did a lot of research on the internet. Some children also interviewed their grandmas and grandpas and brought back old black and white photos of tractors and cars. We made small information films on the subject of “old games”. There we show how B. Go Marble Games.
We brought old items and tried them out. For example, we ground flour and wrote with a pen. This was not so easy. Unfortunately we could not visit the school museum in Hollingstedt.
That is why we prepared an exhibition ourselves and invited children from our cohort to it. We showed them old school things, we explained our poetry album to them with old sayings and wafers, the children could write with a quill themselves, try out rubber twists and watch our information films. We have also created a timeline for old inventions. Most of the children were amazed that the French fries were invented by chance in Belgium in 1680 and that the first toothbrush was available in China as early as 1460.