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What is SAP knowledge?

knowledge in the field of business software programs for the company SAP; includes e.g. knowledge in operation, installation and maintenance, programming as well knowledge about the range of functions of individual program modules.

What is SAP Basis?

Base includes a range of middleware programs and tools from SAP. Base is essential for the smooth operation of the SAP-BaseSystem and thus for R / 3 respectively SAP ERP responsible.

What does a SAP consultant have to be able to do?

The SAP Consultant takes over the consultation for the software of the same name in the company and aims to contribute to process optimization in the specialist department with the implementation. In doing so, business relationships must be seen through and the specialist knowledge from IT must be skillfully combined.

What do you do as a SAP consultant?

As SAP-Consultant / SAP-Consultant Your job is to install the ERP software (Enterprise Resource Planning software) from SAP to introduce in companies. The SAP Environment consists of different modules, such as accounting, i.e. accounting and controlling.

What is SAP MM?

SAP MM is the SAP-Solution for the transparent mapping of complete internal and external procurement processes for materials and services including needs assessment, processing and payment processing for a holistic material management.

What is a SAP module?

SAP® ERP Modules. SAP® refers to its applications as Modules, and smaller packages as components. ... With a SAP® The 3 application areas accounting (SAP® ERP Financials), Logistics (SAP® ERP Operations) and Human Resources (SAP® ERP Human Capital Management) included.

Which SAP versions are there?

  • SAP R / 1 System RF: 1972.
  • SAP R / 2 mainframe system: 1979.
  • SAP R / 3 Enterprise Edition 1.0 A: July 1992.
  • SAP R / 3 Enterprise Edition 2.0: 1993.
  • SAP R / 3 Enterprise Edition 3.0: 1995.
  • SAP R / 3 Enterprise Edition 4.0B: June 1998.
  • SAP R / 3 Enterprise Edition 4.3.
  • SAP R / 3 Enterprise Edition 4.5B: March 1999.

Why work at SAP?

The SAP supports companies in realizing revolutionary ideas - from cancer treatment to flood protection. We invest in research that can save lives and are passionate about sustainability and social responsibility.

What can SAP do?

SAP is one of the world's leading providers of software for managing business processes. The from SAP The solutions developed enable effective data processing and a cross-company flow of information.

Who is the founder of SAP?

The five former IBM employees founded the company in 1972 Dietmar Hopp, Hasso Plattner, Hans-Werner Hector, Klaus Tschira and Claus Wellenreuther founded the company "SAP System Analysis and Program Development".

What does a SAP Basis Administrator do?

About the job and the typical tasks of one SAP-BaseAdministrator. In the company is the SAP-Base-Administrator not only responsible for the maintenance and care of existing applications. He also develops functions and modules and integrates them into existing system landscapes.

What does a SAP consultant earn in Switzerland?

While one after three to four years SAP-consultation In-house without travel activities ends up at around CHF 100,000, the salary is external Consultant around 130,000 francs for the support of purely national projects - higher for international projects. an annual salary of 105,000 euros in the Switzerland.

What is an application consultant?

A Application Consultant is actually a project manager. This takes on different tasks in companies in different industries. This also includes visiting customers on site and analyzing the individual processes in the customer's company.

What does a SAP in-house consultant earn?

SAP-In-house-Consultant Salaries in Germany

As SAP-In-house-Consultant you can expect an average salary of € 63,700. The salary range as SAP-In-house-Consultant is between € 54,900 and € 74,500.