Who are Geek Squads' biggest competitors

Media-Saturn ahead of a central service offensive

Media-Saturn-Holding is on the way to centralizing its range of services: The subsidiary “Power Service 24” is currently offering services such as data recovery or on-site software installations in four German markets. A nationwide roll-out could follow in the next few months. The specialist trade is then threatened with new competition.

Media / Saturn will partially poach in the area of ​​the system houses

So far, the individual retail stores of Media-Saturn-Holding (MSH) have been organized decentrally - also with regard to the range of services. The respective store manager decides independently whether he uses his own employees or an external service provider, for example for the installation of a flat screen TV. That could change in the future: Media / Saturn is currently looking into setting up a new service offering through the service provider Power Service 24. Power Service 24 is a trademark of Venalisia Import GmbH. And Venalisia, based in Kösching, is a subsidiary of the MSH Group, which is responsible for purchasing. Germany's leading retailer is testing the new offer via an in-house company. The system that is currently being tried out could easily be introduced in the future for all of the Group's retail outlets, since no expensive framework contracts have to be agreed with external service providers. In the first step, however, the new offer is limited to four stores in Cologne, Erlangen, Heilbronn and Munich.

“The test will continue for some time. Then we decide whether we want to change something or start the roll-out with these services, "emphasized an MSH company spokesman to Computer Reseller News. The special thing about it: All services are available at a fixed price. For example, a complete data recovery from a destroyed PC costs 899 euros, the installation of hardware and software costs 69 euros and PC optimization costs 29 euros. The offer also applies to white and brown goods. A store employee measures the customer's kitchen and plans how the appliances can be fitted. For this, the company demands 30 euros, which will be refunded if the products are purchased from Media / Saturn.

According to industry rumors, the MSH Group is responding to the news that the largest US electronics retailer, Best Buy, is planning to expand to Europe with its Geek Squad service division with its field trial. Best Buy plans to enter several European countries with its own large markets. (CRN reported). »A total of nine countries, including Germany, form the bridgehead for Best Buy's entry into the European market. A management team is already in place in each of these countries and the logistics are in place, ”emphasized Phone House boss Ralf-Peter Simon in an interview with Computer Reseller News (see CRN 47, page 24). The Phone-House belongs to the Best Buy group and concentrates with the shops on telecommunication services.

1. Media-Saturn ahead of a central service offensive
2. Media / Saturn will partially poach in the area of ​​the system houses