The first humans made incest

Is it a contradiction that the children of Adam and Eve committed incest in order to procreate, but God can make people?

I am adding an answer to this question as most of the others do not offer sources in support of their claims. And since this claim can easily be viewed as derogatory by anyone, I invite everyone to revise their answers to reflect the views of scientists rather than personal views, thank you.

Sons and Daughters of Men, Women, Huris and Jins:

According to Shiite Islam, there was no incest .

There are several narratives that provide an explanation where incest, God forbid, did not create humanity. After examining this explanation and its validity, it is easy to see that this is Not leads to contradictions.

These tales differ in the names of the sons, but they have one thing in common: the sons of our father and prophet Adam (a) were instructed by the Almighty (j) to marry Huris and Jins. When they married Huris and Jins, there was a generation of cousins. These cousins ​​were also ordered to marry each other. And now humanity could reproduce with one another without an illegal relationship. To repeat it again: The first generation consists of the son of the prophet Adam (a), who marries Huris and Jins.

Another reliable tradition says that Adam had four sons. Allah sent four hours for them. When children were born from them, Allah remembered the hours. Then the same sons were married to Djinn women and in that way generations grew. Hence, forbearance is from Adam, and all beauty and perfection are due to four hours. While ugliness, bad behavior, and evil come from jinn.

According to a reliable chain of narrators, Sulayman ibn Khalid said to Ja'far as-Sadiq, "May I be sacrificed for you? People say that Adam married his sons to his daughters." Imam said, "Yes, people say that, but oh Sulayman, maybe you don't know that the Holy Prophet said," If Adam had married his daughters to his sons, he would surely have married Zaynab to Qasim without leaving Adam's religion to have. "" Sulayman said: "May I be sacrificed for you, you say that Qabil killed Habil because Habil was ashamed that his sister was given Habil. Imam said:" O Sulayman! You also attribute such dirty things to Adam and are not ashamed? "He said:" May I be sacrificed to you. What was the reason why Qabil killed Habil? "Imam replied:" Because Adam appointed Habil to be his successor. Allah revealed to Adam to hand over the Succession and the Great Name to Habil while Qabil was older. Knowing this, he was furious and said he was the rightful heir to successors and bounties. Under divine direction, Adam asked both of them to make a sacrifice to Allah. Allah accepted Habil's sacrifice and rejected Qabils. So he envied Habil and killed him. "

Hayat-al-Qulub Volume 1. Stories of the Prophets

Origins of the "incest hypothesis":

This idea stems from non-Muslim thought and has found its way into some of the Muslim hadith and story books as here is a video of the origin of this hypothesis (I've given primary sources here). This "incest hypothesis" is accepted as "truth" by some followers of the Abrahamic religions. Here is an example from one of the sects of Christianity in answering this question. The article from Creation Moment Did Adam and Eve's children practice incest? " Says:

Even so, Adam and Eve's immediate descendants would have come very close to physical perfection, while brother-sister marriages were the only possible unions!

Again, here is an example from one of the sects of Judaism, Chabad's article Who did Cain and Abel marry? says:

In fact, Cain and Abel had to marry their sisters because there were no other women around. King David writes: "The world was built with kindness." Our sages explain that this verse refers to G ‐ d's kindness to allow Adam and Eve's children to marry their own sisters in order to populate the species.

Jack, on the question of whether there are other people on earth, I'll answer as soon as I do swell find that support an assertion. But I think it's important enough to be a question in its own right. I hope this answers your "incest hypothesis" question as it is important to address this issue in the right matter, after all, it is the story of our origins! If there is any confusion please let me know.