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MHRD launches "Manodarpan" initiative for mental health and student counseling. Check Helpline Number - Education here

With the aim of providing psychosocial support and counseling for their mental health and well-being to college students, Union Human Growth Human Resources (HRD) Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank launched the Manodarpan initiative on Tuesday July 21st “The Minister has set up a toll-free nationwide hotline: 8448440632, a Manodarpan website and a manual on 21st Century Life Skills for academics, faculty and universities.

Those looking for psychosocial help or advice can visit Manodarpan official website - manodarpan.mhrd.gov.in or the name on the helpline number - 8448440632.

Manodarpan consists of the following parts:

1. Notes

2. Internet website

3. Nationwide final database and list of consultants

4. Nationwide toll-free helpline number

5. Interactive online chat facility

Read the manual on 21st Century Skills

Manodarpan is an initiative under the Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan that was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi within the month of Could. The Union's finance minister, Nirmala Sitharam, presented the Manodarpan initiative on May 17, while at a press conference she announced the fourth tranche of the Rs 20 billion stimulus package.

Visit the official website of Manodarpan

“Many college students needed psychological support because the lockdown was new to them. They were put under pressure as a result. Manodarpan will help the scholars, lecturers and father and mother, ”the finance minister had declared.

During the launch, the HRD Minister stated, “COVID-19 is understandably a difficult time for everyone around the world. This global pandemic should not only be a critical medical problem, it also brings mixed feelings and psychosocial stress for everyone. With a particular focus on adolescents and teenagers, there are increasing mental health problems that can typically be reported in such conditions. Children and adolescents may also be particularly weak with increased levels of stress, nervousness, and anxiety, as well as a variety of different emotional and behavioral issues. "

"The Ministry of Human Resource Development feels that while one needs to focus on continuing education at the entrance to the tutorial, the same importance must be attached to the intellectual well-being of scholars," added the minister.

A working group composed of education, mental health and psychosocial issues advisors has been established to monitor and promote student mental health issues and problems and to provide support in dealing with mental health and health Facilitate psychosocial traits during and after the COVID-19 lockdown through corporate advice, online assets, and hotline.

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