Is Donald Trump anti-intellectual

45th US President Donald Trump : The emperor gives no mercy

Now it is him, the one. Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States, ceremoniously inducted into office and sworn in on the steps of the Capitol. So help him God.

And U.S. His speech, the first in office, showed the spirit that reigns from now on. America as he represents it comes first, anytime, anywhere. Pardon will not be given. The all-American idea of ​​being chosen is back. Should new times begin? Old times should return.

The country as Donald Trump sees it: on the ground, wounded in its pride, with gravestones of misguided politics along the way and millions and millions of people who have been abandoned by neglected leaders. Until he came. A country with no prospects, ruled by an establishment that is far removed from what is needed.

How it sounded: You up there, we down here - and that from the mouth of a billionaire without any political experience. A man from the golden tower. And Barack Obama's face turned into a mask.

Because nobody in this world is more powerful than Donald Trump. No one else rules both an economic and a military superpower at the same time. The power of the American president is great, it is real. And Trump wants to use them, apply them, for everything possible, for new jobs, infrastructure of all kinds - but also against everyone he sees as opponents. The ideas of this president lead to a restoration. There is no talk of renovation.

The way he communicates scares his opponents

If what was said had not been anti-intellectual in terms of gesture - one might think that Trump would have read Carl Schmitt. And then the 70-year-old president also uses the most modern, the youngest means of mass communication to exercise his version of leadership: he communicates directly with the people. How he does it scares his opponents. What he says also to the friends of America. Worldwide.

Trump's aggressiveness promotes doubts about the necessary talent to distance oneself from oneself, to be able to reflect oneself critically. There is an emperor speaking, one who has captured Washington. In ancient Rome, victorious generals were warned by a priest or slave during the triumphal procession: "Remember that you are mortal." A warning against hubris. Who does it with him?

Donald Trump's plans sound like he wants to make himself immortal at all costs. Not only does he not shy away from arguments, he is looking for it. Because he expects benefits from it? He didn't say it in his first speech, but he didn't have to say it either: whether China or Europe, whether Nafta or NATO, whether TPP or TTIP, whether WTO or Fed, nothing is safe from him. Trump casts doubts in order to get a better deal for his America when in doubt. Free trade is becoming a synonym for free action, he only knows alliances for his own benefit.

Hundreds of thousands have already demonstrated against this one, this one chosen from all right-wing candidates. He's the president of the others. They find: He is a chosen one. Supporters and opponents - after this speech they will clash even harder than before the inauguration. They had to be separated with tear gas. What seems almost paradigmatic is this picture: the tears and the struggle of a population with itself. What may become of this?

Laugh, cry, warn, admonish, cheer, despair, hope, wait - these days everything could be seen and heard, when the talk came about Trump. He himself talks about being ambassadors for those who want change. The change he wants when his words can be trusted is radical.

The elections in the Netherlands, in France, in Germany, this one affects all of that. An American president always acts worldwide. Europe, Brexit, Syria, the refugee issue. And at the weekend the international of right-wing populists meets.

The leading media in the US have advised Trump to enjoy the inauguration. They declared war on him for the time after that. That he will accept it - no question. Donald Trump thinks: If you are beaten, you have to hit back all the harder. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. That's the Old Testament.

Trump does not pretend to be on the day of inauguration either

That he was "shockingly honest" could be read. Right, Trump doesn't pretend. Not even on the day of his inauguration. You can read it like this: He wants to shock. He wants to make you feel insecure. He believes that being superior gives him an advantage. Just as he lacks distance from himself, he lacks the talent for modesty. To bridge building. To this day he has not learned that.

For him it is only a small step from the head of the Trump empire to "Chairman USA" - a big one for the human race who watched him do it. With his inauguration, it is as if someone came from another planet. How does the billionaire George Soros say? "A blender and impostor and would-be dictator" is this Trump. He will fail. Who wants to bet on ...

How is it really going to be? Where hundreds of thousands celebrated Barack Obama years ago at the Lincoln Memorial, tens of thousands lost themselves when Donald Trump wanted to celebrate with them. That doesn't bother him. Because he's in power. His word becomes law.

But Abraham Lincoln looks down on him from above. The legendary president knew: “Everything will pass - how different is the meaning of this sentence! In a happy hour it seems sobering, but in the face of grief and pain it is comforting: everything will pass. "

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