Why do people keep VHS tapes

What to do with old VHS tapes?

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Those who still have old VHS tapes usually store them in the attic or in the basement. At the latest during the next major clean-up operation, the question arises again: "What to do with the old video cassettes?". Regardless of whether you have a particularly large collection or just a few individual films on VHS: At some point the last video recorder will also be obsolete and you can better use the space it takes up for other things. So what do you do with the old films? Is there anyone who is interested or do the VHS tapes have to be disposed of?

This article will teach you how to use videotapes

  1. to sell
  2. donate
  3. upcycling and
  4. to dispose


In fact, there are several ways to get rid of old VHS tapes and the trash can is just one of them. In many cases, disused treasures can still be used to earn a little money, please someone or create something completely new. No matter what you do, it is important to back up your private memories beforehand.

Sell ​​old VHS tapes

If you want to get rid of old VHS cassettes and earn a little money with them, you can try to sell them at flea markets, online auction houses or in collector's forums.

How much money are old VHS tapes still worth?

How much money you can earn depends on the films. Rare films that have not been released on DVD or Blu-Ray are particularly profitable. For a while it was z. This is the case, for example, with the Disney classic "Ariel the Mermaid" with the original dubbing voice. Most of the time, however, these are obscure horror, art or science fiction films that are hardly known to anyone except a small audience. However, it is precisely this small audience that is ready to spend a little more on the coveted collector's items. Even if you have a special edition with a special case or similar extras, this can be interesting for a collector.

How do I know what my VHS tapes are worth?

In order to determine whether a film is rare, sought-after and therefore more valuable, it is best to research online and simply look for the title with the addition of VHS or video cassette. Amazon and eBay can also help to determine a price for the VHS cassette. Buyers can be found either in special collector's or film forums, on Ebay or Amazon.

Other points of contact for the sale of VHS cassettes are

What do I do with other films and blank cassettes?

Films that are particularly common tend not to be very profitable. The best way to try here is to sell all of the VHS cassettes together. For many buyers, collections are more interesting because you don't have to pay shipping costs for every single video. This method is also worthwhile for blank VHS cassettes that you have recorded yourself. Since the production of these blank cassettes has been discontinued and there are still people who like to use them for recording, one can be lucky with the sale of these VHS cassettes. But you should make sure to back up private recordings beforehand and then delete or transfer them if necessary.

Donate old VHS tapes

Another answer to the question “What to do with old VHS tapes?” Is: donations. VHS cassettes are popular with everyone who cannot afford DVDs and Blu-Rays. For example, many charity shops accept VHS tapes as donations. Caritas and Co. are also good contact points when looking for a buyer for the old VHS collection and libraries can also use videos, because here and there the cassettes are still available for hire.

You can easily find out whether a non-profit organization accepts VHS tapes with a phone call. Sometimes it is even possible to have the videos picked up conveniently. With VHS films that you no longer need yourself, you can easily make others happy.

Upcycling - the other way of recycling old video cassettes

What to do with old VHS tapes? - This question can also stimulate the imagination. Upcycling is a trend that has prevailed in recent years, especially among people who want to be more environmentally conscious and like to use their creativity.

What is upcycling?

Upcycling is about reusing items that would normally be disposed of in a new, special way. In contrast to recycling, it is not just about reusing, but about upgrading. In order for upcycling to work, you not only need to have fun doing handicrafts and crafts, but also a good idea. If you can't think of anything, you can find suggestions and tips mainly in upcycling blogs and communities.

How does upcycling work with videotapes?

Old video cassettes can be used for upcycling in a number of ways. Both the magnetic tapes and the plastic cover of the cassette can be recycled. The ribbons are particularly popular to make belts, bracelets or other fashion accessories from them. Knotting, crocheting or knitting: the ribbons are suitable for all these purposes. But the inner workings of the VHS cassette can also be used for collages and pictures that are glued together from the tapes. The artist Erika Iris Simmons also uses the endangered music cassettes for her lavishly staged pictures.

The cover of the video cassette or the entire cassette can be used for larger projects. The VHS boxes are a good example of this. But other ideas can also be implemented:

  • a cassette can be used, for example, as a door stopper,
  • if you have four or more cassettes available, you can also make a flower pot
  • or if you have a large number of old cassettes lying around at home, you could tackle a larger project and assemble a VHS table or even an entire shelf from old video cassettes.

There are many options for upcycling old cassettes. It is especially worthwhile for hobbyists and artists to look for inspiration online before disposing of the video collection. If you already know how to knit or crochet, the following video explains how to make a bag out of video cassettes:

Dispose of video cassettes - this is how it works

Despite other options, the answer to the question “What to do with old VHS tapes?” Is sometimes disposal in the end. A buyer is not always found, there is not always the opportunity to donate and those who do not like tinkering can also do little with upcycling tips. So the old VHS collection goes in the trash. But how and where do you dispose of old video cassettes?

Discard a few VHS tapes

If you only want to dispose of a small collection of VHS tapes, it is best to choose the residual waste. In most municipalities, this is the recommended type of disposal. Unless you want to get rid of a huge amount of video cassettes, the whole garbage can will not be unnecessarily overfilled.

Dispose of large collections of VHS

If you want to get rid of a particularly large amount of VHS tapes, it is best to take them to the nearest recycling center. Here the cassettes are accepted and used for recycling. For everyone who wants to protect nature, this route is also the better choice, because the cassettes do not end up in the landfill or are burned. The residual waste station is also a good option.

Make VHS cassettes unusable - delete recordings

If you are concerned about throwing your video recordings in the trash, you can delete them beforehand. The safest method is to put the cassette in the video recorder and record "nothing" on it; H. You rewind the cassette and press record without a signal being present. If the cassette has run through completely, you can dispose of it. In a sufficiently strong magnetic field you can also make your recordings unusable, but you have no certainty here and should check the result.

Goodbye VHS tape

“What to do with old VHS tapes?” There are many different answers to this question. Whether you ultimately decide to sell, donate, upcycling or disposal: In the end, you are definitely rid of your old video collection and can make better use of your storage space.