Are contact lenses fragile?

List of GKV aids

- Myopia from 8.0 D (decisive is the level of ametropia in the strongest main section)

- Hyperopia from 8.0 D (decisive is the level of ametropia in the strongest section)

- astigmatism:
- Rectus and inversus from 3.0 D (0 ° or 90 ° +/- 15 °)
- obliquus from 2.0 D (oblique axes / skin incisions 45 ° or 135 ° +/- 30 °)

- keratoconus
- aphakia
- aniseikonia
- Anisometropia from 2.0 D (in at least one main section)

A supply of contact lenses of this type can only be considered if it turns out that a rotationally symmetrical contact lens does not achieve a satisfactory fit and / or insufficient visual acuity due to astigmatism.
Indications and areas of application for anterior surface toric lenses: In the case of insufficient correction of an astogmatism with spherical contact lenses.

Highly gas permeable contact lenses with a DK value of more than 60, which can be used as vT lenses, can be justified for people who are required to have contact lenses - in the sense of the indication - but who are not able to do so due to their physical condition are able to insert and remove the contact lenses independently (e.g. infants, restricted usability of the upper extremities, etc.).
In addition, highly gas permeable contact lenses are indicated for corneal changes that require a particularly high oxygen supply (e.g. corneal endothelial degeneration).