How does the eyeball focus

Vision correction by squeezing the eyeball


A ring made of artificial muscles should make it possible: compressing and pulling apart changes the focus

Glasses, contact lenses, laser correction - a new weapon could soon be added to the arsenal against ametropia ... although not one that sounds particularly appetizing: researchers at the University of New Mexico working with Mohsen Shahinpoor hope to fix ametropia through a skilful squeezing of the eyeball to be able to fix. The prerequisite for this, as the "New Scientist" reports, would be the insertion of a band of artificial muscles made of a biocompatible polymer that would be attached to the sclera, the solid outer part of the eyeball. Electromagnetic impulses from a behind-the-ear equivalent of a hearing aid would move the muscles. The focus of the eye then shifts depending on whether the band is pulled together or apart.Ametropia ... Light falls on the retina through the cornea and lens. The cornea, the transparent cornea of ​​the eye that extends over the pupil and iris, roughly focuses the view, while the lens does the "fine tuning". The closer an object is to the viewer, the further back in the eye it is focused. If the cornea and lens are not strong enough or if the eyeball is simply too short, the focus is behind the retina. - The result: blurred vision in close proximity or "farsightedness". If the eyeball is too long, it will focus in front of the retina. The result this time: "Myopia".... and how to turn them off In the first case, Shahinpoor's "Smart Eye Band", which will be presented at the Optical Technology Conference in San Diego this March, would elongate the eyeball by pinching the band and squeezing it in half. The retina is pulled backwards and the focus fits again. In the second case, the tape and the eyeball would be pulled apart a little bit. The control would be done deliberately: if you want to read a book, you switch on your "vision device" with a light tap and you are in close-up mode, as it were. When you're done, you turn it off and you can drive your car or watch the stars without any problems. (red)


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