Is there a good type of volunteering

What is your motivation

What is volunteering about?

If you want to do volunteer work abroad, you should definitely do it beforehand deal with it honestlywhy you choose this type of stay abroad. What is your main motivation? Perhaps you have the desire to get to know a foreign country, to spend an eventful time there, to experience some kind of adventure and to do something good during all these experiences. By the way, the Upgrade your CV with such a stay abroad. In principle, nothing speaks against spending an exciting time abroad - and that is exactly what you will certainly do as part of volunteer work. And that you highlight your commitment on your résumé is in no way reprehensible.

Nevertheless, something else is in the foreground when volunteering: The support of the project and the cooperation with the local people. Even if you think you already know that, try to be really aware of what that actually means. Volunteering is exactly what the term expresses: voluntary work. With active commitment you support a project of your choice. The people in the project and possibly the people you take care of in your work count on you and rely on you. Volunteering should always be largely unselfish. This applies to projects in animal and environmental protection as well as to those that involve people.