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17.05.2019 –
Usability Drives Mobility - The person in the vehicle | Colleagues wanted for the AK Automotive System!

Vehicles are now computers on wheels. Automotive usability decides on enthusiasm and user experience and creates the decisive differentiation advantage.

We are spending more and more time in our vehicle: Are we already talking about the vehicle being the mobile workplace of the future or our second home? There is great potential for increasing driving comfort through infotainment and driver assistance systems. While vehicle manufacturers try to reflect the needs of customers with attractive features, the legislator demands full attention to the driving task and focuses on the safety of drivers and passengers.
The design of the interaction interface between driver and vehicle for safe use and acceptance of such systems is therefore of paramount importance.
With regard to user experience, we ask ourselves: Where is the line between processable information and distraction? Which warning signals can the driver perceive best in which situations?
Operating errors can have fatal consequences due to high speeds and ever higher performance. For this reason, it is essential in this context that a vehicle can be safely, easily and intuitively controlled by any possible driver. But road users other than the driver also interact with the vehicles. They react to primarily visual signals from vehicles, such as indicators or brake lights.

Autonomous driving presents itself as a new challenge. Even if the driver interacts less with the actual vehicle, the vehicle has to communicate all the more strongly with passers-by and other road users and send clear signals.
How can you make it clear to a pedestrian that he can safely cross the street because the autonomous vehicle has recognized him and will wait? What input methods can a driver use to interact with the vehicle with as little distraction as possible? Which warning signals can other road users clearly see?

We are all confronted with these central questions in our everyday work, project or family life. One more reason to tackle this exciting and highly topical topic as part of a joint working group ‘‘ Automotive Systems - UX Drives the Future ‘‘ and to develop and implement common ideas. The automotive industry hands the KEY over to UX - We take it & convice with passion & results.

We look forward to all experts and interested parties who are involved in the creation of the working group & who will examine this important driver-vehicle interaction interface with us.

We look forward to your feedback:

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