What do you think of Princess Diana

Diana Blöchlinger

"Sometimes we humans want to be perfect, but we don't have to."

2021 will be an extraordinary year for car saleswoman BMW Neuwagen Diana Blöchlinger in many ways: In autumn she will celebrate her 30th birthday, the summer before her wedding, and in the first few months she generated considerable sales despite the corona lockdown. A sun child? More like a woman who shines like a sun, because she also knows the shadow.

Interview and text: Anna Maier / Photos: Nicole Boekhaus

Your aura is noticeable. When she enters a room, she takes it immediately, has an extraordinary presence, the wow factor. But it would not be enough if Diana Blöchlinger's charisma was simply attributed to her beautiful appearance. Rather, it is probably this rare mixture of self-confident demeanor and reserved vulnerability.

Diana Blöchlinger, born in 1991, has seen a lot in her 30 years, but starts the conversation with a disarming: "I actually have nothing to tell." Oh yes, she did. But she is not the type of woman who immediately opens the door to her thoughts and feelings for the other person. She chooses her words consciously and carefully.

As the youngest of three sisters, she had to assert herself from an early age. “Sometimes they called me a princess, but I never saw myself like that. We were all treated equally, we were outdoors a lot, played football, and dad was our coach. We were also the sons to him whom he never had. " Diana Blöchlinger laughs, she scored the first hit. You imagine her as a petite girl, with knee pads and knobbed shoes, while spontaneously you might have guessed ballerina.