Why are fuel cell vehicles so expensive

Hydrogen Car: Everything You Should Know By Now

Current disadvantages for users:

The biggest shortcoming of hydrogen cars at the moment is the limited number of optionsRefueling. Hydrogen is filled up at special fuel pumps, which in the future will most likely be found at regular filling stations. However, there are currently very few hydrogen filling stations. At the end of 2019 there were around 80 refueling options in Germany and a good 40 in the USA.

“We have a chicken and egg problem with hydrogen propulsion,” explains BMW expert Rücker. “As long as the network of hydrogen filling stations is so thin, the low demand from customers will not enable profitable series production of fuel cell cars. And as long as there are hardly any hydrogen cars on the road, the operators will only be hesitant to expand their tank network.

To expand theInfrastructureAt least in Germany, vehicle manufacturers like BMW have joined forces with hydrogen producers and petrol station operators in the Clean Energy Partnership initiative. This plans to expand the filling station network to 130 filling stations by 2022. This would enable around 60,000 hydrogen cars to be operated on German roads. If the number of cars increases accordingly, the next milestone will be 400 filling stations by 2025. More filling stations will also have to be installed abroad in order to enable trips abroad with hydrogen cars, adds Rücker.