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Tie friendship bracelets: Instructions with photos

Making friendship bracelets is great fun and makes a great gift! In these instructions we will show you how you can make bracelets with arrow patterns

Friendship bracelets: classics with pretty patterns

Who does not know the little ribbons made of colored yarn that big friends proudly wear around their wrists. With a little practice you can make friendship bracelets yourself - in no time at all! Making friendship bracelets is not only fun, but also puts a smile on your friends' faces when you surprise them with a small ribbon!

In our instructions we show you how you can tie friendship bracelets with arrow patterns. In no time at all, you'll master the technique of making those neat little loops and knots, and then you'll hardly want to stop until you've tied a whole series of friendship bracelets in all of your favorite color combinations.

Material for the friendship bracelets:

  • Embroidery thread in two colors
  • scissors
  • Safety pin or washi tape

This is how you make the friendship bracelet:

You need four threads of color A embroidery floss and four threads of color B. The threads should be about 80 centimeters long.

Then knot the threads ten centimeters below one end.

Divide the short threads above the knot into three sections, two with three and one with two threads. Braid them from the knot up to 2 cm before the end of the thread.

Then knot the threads at the back end so that the braid doesn't come undone again.

Stick a safety pin through the knot (or use a piece of washi tape) to secure your work to a firm surface.

You can use a pillow, ironing board, or even your pant leg.

Now pull the threads straight and arrange them so that from left to right two threads of color A, four threads of color B and two more of color A are next to each other.

Now divide the threads into two strands, each with two threads of color A on the outside and two of color B on the inside.

To make this ribbon, you will need to make loads of tiny nodules ...

To make a knot like this, place the first thread over the second, pass it underneath and then back up through the loop you just created.

Now pull the thread tight. In the next step you push the sling into the desired position.

Repeat step 4 to make another loop using the same threads and in the same way. These two loops count as one knot on the bracelet.

Start with the arrow pattern. Take the threads on the far left and make a knot on the thread next to it, following the instructions in steps 4, 5 and 6.

Continue working with the same thread, repeat the steps and tie another knot on the next and then on the next but one thread.

The thread that you started your work with is now in the middle of the two strands.

Now work the tip of the arrow. To do this, make a single knot over the next three threads that ends in the middle.

Join the tip of the arrow by tying the two inner threads together with a knot.

Now you start to work the second half of the arrow.

Take the outermost thread on the left side again and work three more knots to the middle.

Then you work three knots from the right side towards the middle and connect the two central threads with a knot.

Now you have finished the first arrow of color A. The arrow now consists of two rows of knots that meet in the middle. Then start with the second arrow shape.

To do this, take the two on the far left and tie a knot (see steps 4 and 5) on the thread on the right.