What are the goals of language learning

Objectives of foreign language teaching in primary school

Transition from primary school to secondary school               

Continuity plays a key role, especially in foreign language teaching. Michael Legutke and Maike Grau consider it an overriding goal of early foreign language learning to “ensure that the skills achieved in primary school are noticed and systematically developed in secondary school” and “to ensure that the children are very willing to learn the first foreign language is retained beyond elementary school and is motivated to learn other languages. "

In Berlin, for example, foreign language teaching is now viewed as a “total curriculum package” for grades 1–10. There is also support from the EU. The European Comenius project Pri-Sec-Co (Primary and Secondary Continuity in Foreign Language Teaching) develops handouts for teachers to overcome transition problems.

The handout on the transition of the state of Lower Saxony shows the following helpful forms of cooperation and coordination from foreign language learning in primary school to English teaching in lower secondary level:
  1. Exchange of information in writing
  2. Mutual observations, if necessary lessons in tandem
  3. joint specialist conferences or regional foreign language conferences
  4. mutual information in overall conferences,
  5. School parents' council meetings
  6. Joint advanced training events, for example as part of in-school teacher training
  7. joint material exchanges,
  8. joint workshops to coordinate the teaching concepts


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