Dota is still a popular game


The custom games area was created to give you a wide variety of experiences and to make it easy to find something new. We also added a feature that allows players to evaluate new and untested game modes so that any customized game has a chance to find an audience.


Quickly find the 10 most popular games of the moment.


You can mark any game as one of your favorite games so that you can easily find it again if you want to play it with friends again.


See a list of games your friends have recently played. If you have friends in an open lobby, you can join them quickly from here.

Suggested games

We know how important it is for new games to get a bit of the spotlight instead of hiding behind a series of dominant titles. The Suggested Games List includes a wide selection of games that have received mostly positive reviews from gamers recently. The selection changes every 30 minutes and shows each player the same 15 games, so that games come about quickly.


The workshop voting system presents players with preview videos of various customized games for evaluation. The results provide part of the evaluation of whether and how often a game appears in the list of suggested games. Rotation means that old and new games will always have the opportunity to maintain their position or to gain a foothold in the community again.


Like normal games, you can also watch customized games, which gives you the opportunity to watch your friends or another game in progress and decide whether the game mode would be something for you too.


Each custom game has its own home page that has a Play button on it that lets you find a low ping lobby with enough space for your team. If no lobby is available, a new one will be created. You can also find a variety of useful information on this page, such as update notes, videos, and friends' activities. To encourage a community for even the smallest games, each customized game has a dedicated chat that you can automatically enter with your client.


Create your own lobby for a customized game to give you and your friends a personal place to play. You can always make them public to maybe attract a few more players from the community. Making the lobby public will automatically pick up any player who presses "Play" on the custom game page, helping you fill your lobby as quickly as possible. We have also integrated a lobby browser that lets you display all available open lobbies and filter and sort them by game type, adapted description, connection, how many players remain, etc. This lobby browser is useful for introducing players to a not-so-well-known game and for helping them get feedback on your customized game while it is still in development.
Don't have time for a whole game of dota? Overthrow is a fast-paced, small-team fight to the death in which players try to get as many kills as possible before time runs out. Meet up with a friend or two, or fight alone for the Midasthron, which increases gold and experience points earned for all nearby players. Collect gold coins or look for items scattered around the map.

Another game mode developed by Valve will be released in the coming weeks. Feel free to take a look around and find out how these customized games were created or use them as a starting point for your own creation.


The new tools allow you to quickly create something new and turn your ideas into reality. In this video one of our designers gives you an overview of our new level editor.


Use Hammer Editor's new tiling system to quickly design your map and use its powerful 3D modeling tools to fine-tune your development. An embedded asset browser lets you view models, particles and materials and quickly place them in the level editor. Use the powerful lighting effect options in the 3D view to see exactly how your development in the game will look.


Create materials and easily import them into the game using the materials editor. Tune shader parameters and update textures while seeing the changes live in-game.


You can use the model editor to view the appearance and animations of a model, as well as edit gameplay details such as hitboxes and tie points.


The particle editor lets you create new particle effects or edit existing ones and provides a preview in isolation or live in the game. Play around with dozens of manipulations, modify the rendering, tune decay rates and preview the control point settings.


The console now comes with more powerful debug features, multiple tabs and powerful filter tools. You can also use the console live outside of the game so that you can continue to access it even if you have left the game or lost your connection.


Panorama enables you to have a web-like workflow using XML, CSS and Javascript, which you can integrate into your Lua gameplay scripts. The changes take effect without restarting the game or reloading the map. Furthermore, with Panorama you can design high-quality user interfaces that contain particles and 3D models and can be checked for errors with a robust tool. You can also use the verification tool to find out more about creating our samples.


With its well-documented history in a number of existing games, Lua scripting is a comprehensive tool for its creators. Most game functions can be controlled by scripts, including hero skills and modifiers, spawning NPCs and particles, or even changing global settings. You can also react to certain game events, such as injuring or killing units or collecting items. You can also create your own processes.


We'll be posting plenty of sample content to help you get along well and create your own customized games, including the complete source package for our Overthrow mode: maps, gameplay scripts, and a whole range of advanced panoramic UIs, from scoreboards to to team selection. Take a look at our particle samples to understand how the visual effects are built in Dota 2. Also take a look at the many pre-existing Dota skills that we wrote in Lua that are designed to give you a feel for what you can create. We'll have new examples soon.


We've introduced a ton of bug fixes, features, and API improvements since the Workshop Tools Alpha was released. Read the changelog for details. We'll be releasing updates to the tools regularly during the beta to take into account your feedback and add more functionality.