What makes Japanese babies so cute?

In the land of smiles

Four weeks in Japan with a baby? Really? Maral and Tilman agreed: It would be better to go out into the big wide world again, as long as the baby is easy to feed in an unfamiliar environment and cannot complain about boring museums and temples.

How well they had chosen the travel destination quickly became clear to them on their trip through the diverse country. In addition to unforgettable cultural and nature impressions, their trip through Japan showed them what true child-friendliness means.

"Kawaiiiiii !!

My wife doesn't speak Japanese, but after the first day in Japan she knew how to speak. We wouldn't be surprised if “Kawaiiiiiii” were Emil's first word, our seven-month-old son. Whether in the subway, in the street restaurant, with our hosts, in the hotel or simply in passing, at every opportunity Japanese and especially Japanese women stopped, grimaced, laughed, grabbed Emil by the fingers, looked deep into his brown eyes and shouted: "Kawaiiii !!!!!".

Which means something like “sweet” or “cute” - and the longer the “i” at the end of the word, the sweeter the object of admiration. With Emil it was the "i" for a long time, almost like a wonder of the world. Perhaps we as parents are not completely objective either.

Made for babies

The Japanese love children. Unfortunately, they don't. Japan is one of the countries with the lowest birth rate on the planet. Maybe that's why they're so excited when a child turns up. Especially when (again, objectively) it's as cute as ours. It's like Japan was made for babies. And that doesn't stop at the location: diapers are almost 40 percent cheaper in Japan than in Germany. Funny, but that's how it is. Baby food comes in all flavors, and if Emil could speak he would, judging by his appetite, praise it highly.

And then there is the friendliness of the Japanese: Of course, the Japanese themselves stand up in the subway when a woman is standing in front of him with a baby in her arms, of course the women play with the little one in the public bathroom when the mother is alone in the bathroom Water wants to rise and of course the floors are everywhere so clean that the little one can crawl wherever his curiosity drives him. It was clear after the first few days how right the decision was to fly to Japan with our small family.

Babies as uncomplicated travel companions

My wife and I traveled to Japan precisely because our little one is still a baby. Japan - it is clear that it will not be a relaxing holiday, especially not if you follow the classic route: First fill up in Tokyo in the big city, then fill your eyes with fairytale-like temples and Japanese magic gardens in Kyoto and finally look for a place with wonderful nature. to wander through ancient forests or just to lie on the beach.

That was the plan. My parents did the same thing with us four children almost 40 years ago. I don't know how they did it. We got queasy at the thought of having a three-year-old with us, for example, who no longer feels like walking, who loudly proclaims, and who is far too heavy to simply carry.