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Andrea Berg: Do fans vote on the anniversary album?

Will we get a new anniversary album from Andrea Berg this year? The fans would definitely be very happy. The pop star is currently considering releasing a new best-of album on Facebook for her 25th anniversary. The fans could even be brought on board and determine the selection of songs on the CD.

Andrea Berg and her anniversary album idea

25 years in the music business! We can only congratulate Andrea Berg on this. The singer reminisces publicly on the occasion of the anniversary. She posts numerous old snapshots from the early days of her career on her Facebook page. And the fans also share in the memories and wrote numerous comments about their first encounters with Andrea Berg, many even posted their own souvenir photos. This great sympathy moved the Schlager singer very much!

Last week she had already considered summarizing the fan comments in a "kind of diary". Then Andrea Berg came up with another idea of ​​how she could celebrate her anniversary together with the fans. She wrote: "Yes, I would really like to do something very special with you about our 25-year-old." Then the sentence that should have excited all fans: An anniversary album is buzzing around in my head, but not just a best-of, but something that we do together! Your very personal ‘favorite song album from 25 years‘ maybe? "

Everything still open

However, the idea is still in its infancy. The form in which Andrea Berg would record the fans' favorite songs is also still completely open. In her post, the Schlager star gives several options: "Maybe pure, just with the piano, with an orchestra or maybe with the mega dance temple sound for disco-fox parties until the doctor comes"she thinks.

The fans would definitely be delighted with such an album. And Andrea Berg proves once again in these weeks how grateful she is to her fans for the past 25 years.

This is real fan love!