Should Mexico and California become one country


Marianne Braig

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Dr. phil., born 1953; Professor of Political Science at the Latin America Institute of the Free University of Berlin, Rüdesheimer Strasse 54-56, 14197 Berlin. [email protected]

In Mexico and the USA, attempts have been made again and again to draw up a common history of liberation from European colonialism. But the "backyard policy" of the USA prevents cooperation among equals.


When asked about his political home, a Mexican who emigrated to the United States and who campaigned for voting on both sides of the Rio Grande and exercising his political rights answered without hesitation: "La nacion mexicana llega hasta donde estamos los mexicanos. "[1] Among other things, this view - according to which the Mexican nation extends to the territory on which Mexicans live, especially if this formerly belonged to Mexico - prompted the American political scientist Samuel Huntington to adopt one Hispanic Challenge to speak. And so he warned against Mexican claims on US territory or even one reconquistaFor many Mexicans like the writer Carlos Fuentes, today's border with the USA is actually an "open wound", since it represents the loss of half of Mexican national territory in the course of the Mexican-American War from 1846 to 1848.