What does Punni mean in Tulu

A. Poor. p`arat `` scattered '' (* pher-), p`aratem `disperse, remove, take away '(cf. gr. σποράς, -άδος); maybe also sp`ṙem `` disperse '', sp`ir `` scattered, scattered, extended '(would be *sphēro-);

gr. σπείρω `sprinkle, sow, sprinkle, sprinkle, spray '(σπερω̃, ἔσπαρκα, ἐσπάρην), σπέρμα n.` Same', σπορά, σπόρος, πδορά, σπόρος m. Adv. Σποράδην, σπαρνός `thin, scanty ';

me. sreb `Electricity '(*speak-bhā); srāb `` Strom, Sturzbach, Schaar '' (*sprō-bhu-);

ahd. sprāt `` splashing, spraying '', mnd. sprē-wedel 'Sprengwedel'; with the long vowel appearing on German roots w urgerm. *sprēwēn in norw. spraa, Ä. Danish. spraaes 'become brittle, brittle', dan. dial. spraae `open, from buds; burst ', Swedish dial. språ, språs `` sprout, open, burst '', norw. spra out * sprada (and spræ out * sprēwjan) `splash, blast '; derived from aisl. sprǣna `inject, trans. and intr. '; * sprēwjan in mhd. sprjen, sprwen, mnl. talk `rove '; * sprowjan in nhd. spray, nl. sprouts ds .; norw. sprōa `` Buttress, support '' (* sprōwōn; for meaning see below); d-Present nl. sprout `` splash '', sproetelen `` gush out '', mnd. sprot `(Splatter =) stain, freckle '.

    B.i-Base sprei-d-,-t-:

ahd. sprīzan, spread `` splinter into pieces, splash '', aisl. sprita `` apart lock '' (after Fischer, Die Lehnwort des Awn. 40 from mhd. sprit borrowed); norw. sprita `splash '; mhd. sprite and (with grammatical change) sprīden 'expand, disperse, splinter', chew. aschwed. spreda `` scatter, spread '', norw. spreida, ags. sprdan ds., ahd. spreitan, mhd. nhd. spread;

alit. sprainas `` stiff, rigid, clear, from the eye '' (probably * spraid-na-s, actually `` spreading your eyes wide ''), lett. sprouts `` stretch, push, measure '' (`` * spread ''), spraids 'Place where people stand huddled together', debes-spraislis 'Vault of Heaven'; presumably lit. spréndžiu `` stretch with your hand ''.

    C. extension chaff-: ahd. spriu, Gen. spriuwes 'Chaff'; ags. sprēawlian 'move convulsively'; nhd. brittle = mixed brittle ds. (* sprauþia- actually `` easily cracking '');

cymr. f woman `` (Gushing out), stream ', ffreuo `` splash out '' (* sprou̯-), ffraw `` lively '' (* sprōu̯o-), cyffro `` excite '', deffro `awaken '(Loth RC. 42, 347; 44, 270 f.); air. sruth (*spru-do-) m. `river '= cymr. etc. ffrwd ds .; gall. FlN Φρουδιος Gen. (leg. Φρουτυος), nhd. FlN Frutz (Vorarlberg), upper valley. fruda `Torrent '; bret. Vannes fru `` Drizzle '' (* chaff); also nhd. Sparkling water?

lett. spraûjuôs, spraûtiês 'to come forth, to rise'; lit. spriaũnas `` funny, fresh, lively, exuberant ''.

    chaff-d- (d-Extension, maybe originally from one d-Presents) `` splash, emerge quickly, sprout 'etc.):

cymr. ffrwst m. 'hast' (* sprud-to- or -stu-);

got. sprautō Adv. `Quick, soon '; mhd. sprout `sprout ', and. ūtsprūtan `` sprout '', afries. sprūta `` germinate, sprout '', engl. sprout; ags. spryttan `sprout ', nd. sprinkle `` splash '', mhd. sprinkle `sprout, splash '; aisl. sproti m. `young sapling on a tree, stick ', ahd. sprozzo `Sapling, sprout '; mnd. sprote (le) `(* Splash =) stain, freckle ', nhd.Freckle; mnd. spurted, md. spurt ds .; ags. brittle `Stange ', ndl. sprit (from it nhd. sprit); norw. spraut, sprauta 'Trapping wood in the trap', sprøyta `Window bar, vise in a loom '; ahd. spray `spreadto support spriuza`Spreader'Support, strut';

lit. spriáusti `` squeeze in, clamp ''; ablaut. sprústi 'getting out of a jam as a result of pressure'; lett. speaks `` stick in '', abloud. sprū-st 'get trapped'.

    chaff-g-,-k- in the same scope:

nhd. nd. spriegel, sprügel, sprugel, sprogel `Quick bow; stretched arch to an overlap; Sprinkles when catching birds', luxemb. spiegel `Plywood to be stretched apart ';

lett. spruga, spruñga `Terminal ', spruñǵis `Gag ';

lit. sprūgsti `` spring away '', lett. sprauga `Gap '; probably also (as `` blow up, split up ''), lett. cracks `coarsely grind, grind '; With k: lett. sprukt `escape, slip away '; spruksts `` a light-footed, jumper '', sprouts `` force through, escape ''.

    (s) preus- see above p. 809 f. ((s) preus-)