Can Hypnosis Really Help You Quit Smoking?

Good resolutions for 2021 Goodbye cigarette! - The best ways to stop smoking

I could stop anytime I think many smokers. And yet they get nervous as soon as the cigarettes disappear in the box ... There is no magic bullet to quit smoking. What is there are numerous alternatives and aids. Because not every measure is suitable for every type of smoker. And sometimes it is even helpful to combine different smoking cessation methods.

Behavioral Therapy: Unlearn Smoking!

Behavioral therapy is based on the fact that behaviors that have once been learned can also be "unlearned" again. The therapy questions the reason for smoking and previous smoking habits. In which everyday situations does a smoker take up a cigarette? After this analysis, it is important to learn strategies to master everyday life without smoking and to avoid relapses in the future.

Nicotine replacement products: patches, chewing gum, tablets and nasal spray

50 percent of all smokers willing to quit suffer from physical withdrawal symptoms due to the lack of nicotine. If this is the case, nicotine preparations can help. They have the advantage that they do not contain any carcinogenic substances such as tar or carbon monoxide and that they release nicotine into the body more slowly and more safely than when smoking.

If you want to fall back on it, you have the choice between Nicotine patcheswho continuously release nicotine throughout the day, and Nicotine gum and lozengeswhich are taken when the desire for a cigarette is particularly great. Another alternative is Nicotine nasal spray. This allows the body to absorb nicotine particularly quickly and in high doses.

Buproprion and Varenicline - smoke-free thanks to drugs?

As an alternative to nicotine preparations, there are the active ingredients bupropion or varenicline, both of which are taken in tablet form and require a prescription. Buproprion is sold under the trade name Zyban and is one of the so-called antidepressants. It blocks the messenger substances norepinephrine and dopamine and starves the reward system. The cigarette is no longer a good luck charm - and the desire to smoke disappears. Actually a fine thing. However, bupropion can cause serious side effects such as insomnia, tremors, difficulty concentrating, headaches, dizziness, and restlessness.

Varenicline is a so-called partial nicotine antagonist that attaches directly to the nicotine receptors in the brain and alleviates withdrawal symptoms and cravings. Varenicline is sold under the trade name Champix. But just as with the active ingredient buproprion, varenicline can also cause severe side effects. In addition to nausea, vomiting, headache, insomnia, nightmares and taste disorders, neuropsychiatric complications such as suicidal behavior and symptoms of depression were also observed.

Acupuncture: Small stitches, big impact?

To quit smoking, fine needles are inserted into certain places in the ear and fixed with a plaster. They stay there for up to a week. The needles are supposed to reduce the desire for a cigarette or make it disappear.

Hypnosis: smoke-free in your sleep?

Hypnosis puts you in a kind of trance. In this state one has a very limited attention focused on a few contents. The therapist gives instructions that are intended to act directly on the unconscious. In several meetings, the decision is to be strengthened not to smoke any more in the future.

Before deciding on a (quite expensive) hypnosis, one should know that the method has not been well studied as a means of smoking cessation. Its effectiveness in smoking cessation has not yet been scientifically proven.

Apps and online portals: support from like-minded people

There are numerous applications in the app stores that can help you quit smoking. They are available free of charge or for a few euros. The apps show how much money you can save without buying a cigarette, how your heart and lungs regenerate without nicotine, or count the days you lasted. You can also share your successes on social networks and compete there with other people who want to quit.

The Federal Center for Health Education also offers its own portal to support smokers who are willing to quit. Under you are not only informed about the health consequences of cigarette consumption, but can also exchange ideas with like-minded people or contact an e-mail coach with individual questions.

E-cigarettes and heaters: smoking without smoke

At the moment everyone is talking about them in the truest sense of the word: e-cigarettes and heaters. Because smoking without health risks - that is an incentive for many passionate smokers. But is that also true? According to Stiftung Warentest, e-cigarettes are more harmless than normal cigarettes. So far, however, there have been no studies on long-term effects.

The E cigarette heats liquids with or without nicotine - so-called liquids, which then evaporate. The temperatures required for this are lower than those required for burning tobacco, so that fewer pollutants are released. The extent to which e-cigarettes are also suitable for smoking cessation has not yet been scientifically proven. It is also questionable which substances that may be harmful to health are contained in the liquids.

The very latest craze are so-called Heater. No liquids are heated here, as with the e-cigarette, but real tobacco. A form of smoking in which - according to the manufacturer - a good 95 percent fewer pollutants are absorbed than when smoking conventional cigarettes. The problem: The risk of addiction persists, because nicotine is also absorbed through the heater.