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Hair metal

Hair-Metal (more rarely also Hairspray-Metal) is a style of music that has its roots in Glam Rock of the 70s, was inspired by rock bands such as Alice Cooper and Kiss and culminated in the 80s with bands such as Europe, Bon Jovi and others had an important part of the musical mainstream.

The name Hair-Metal originated from the long, teased and styled hair of many musicians of this style; parallel exists the expression poodle rock (poodle rock). Hair-metal also shows parallels to so-called cock rock, as the lyrics of the music and the appearance of the musicians were often related to sexual content, e.g. Alice Cooper's hit "Poison". Musically, hair metal was characterized by simple song structures, catchy choruses, falsetto singing, virtuoso guitar solos and smooth production.

In the circles of the heavy metal scene, the term poser metal is often used, as there is the opinion that those bands under the heavy metal banner place more value on their appearance and their hit parade compatibility than on the expressiveness of their music . Ironically, the public image of heavy metal is often formed through this style of music, although most metallers do not see it as credible heavy metal, but rather look down on it as a commercial artifact of the music industry. A branch of the metal scene, the so-called True Metal, even calls for a fight against Poser or False Metal in its lyrics.

Hair metal was very dominant in the charts until the early 90s. The music industry flooded the already saturated market with more and more new bands, which, however, did not bring any further stylistic development of hair metal and mostly disappeared from the scene as a one hit wonder.

At the beginning of the 90s the massive appearance of grunge, with bands like Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, Nirvana and Pearl Jam, led to a massive loss of popularity for hair metal and heralded its end. These bands renounced striking virtuosity as well as an elaborately designed outfit and made the glamorous hair-metal, trimmed for mass compatibility, appear superficial and outdated through their "honesty".

Only a few of the hair metal bands remained commercially successful beyond the 90s, the best known are Bon Jovi, whose appearance and style have changed significantly.

Just as grunge brought about the decline of hair metal, the music genre Metalcore emerged from 2002 to 2004, especially in the USA, the growing success of which is associated with the decline of nu metal. In fact, some parallels can be drawn here.

At the moment hair metal is experiencing a mild revival through reunions of important groups such as Twisted Sister and Europe and the success of some newcomers such as The Darkness.

Bands [edit | Edit source]

Bonfire • Bon Jovi • Britny Fox • Cinderella • Crashdiet • Danger Danger • Dokken • Europe • LA Guns • Mötley Crüe • Poison • Quiet Riot • Ratt • Rough Cutt • Skid Row • Steelheart • Stryper • Twisted Sister • Warrant • White Lion • White Tiger • Winger