What are the goals of NHAI

Promotion of integration through advice

Reaching hands 2021

Structural project for migrants from Syria and Vietnam with special support needs

  • Seniors and seriously ill people with a Vietnamese migration background

The aim is to facilitate the orientation of older Vietnamese migrants in the support system through participation in it. To this end, the access points are to be further optimized and improved. Various networks and cooperations as well as socio-educational advice and support will be used for the implementation in order to better cover the information and advice needs of older Vietnamese migrants.

The aim for this is to enable Vietnamese elderly and sick people to have equal access to the help system.

In addition, an improvement in the ability to participate, quality of life in old age, self-determined lifestyle in old age taking into account the individual idea of ​​a good life, improvement of target group information via support structures, networks and committees should be encouraged.

  1. In order to record, process the current needs and participate in the development of culturally sensitive offers for this target group, a network with the existing offers is to be established or expanded. (Networking)
  2. Furthermore, the existing working groups AG Vietnamese and Alter and AG Vietnam bei Reistrommel e.V. are to be used to exchange information about the needs and to develop appropriate offers. (Networking)
  3. In addition, the existing socio-educational consultation hours at the Reistrommel e.V. are to be retained in order to record needs and provide initial contacts to help services; information materials can also be distributed in this way. (Consultation)
  4. In order to further accelerate the development of empowerment structures, the association offers self-help groups of different interests and composition the opportunity to organize and meet themselves in the club's rooms. The offer times will be determined by the groups themselves with the project management (according to the individual time capacities and needs). This counteracts loneliness and enables the establishment of further social contacts and the exchange of information.
  5. Since more and more relatives of Vietnamese migrants are confronted with the issue of death, the association will continue to address this issue and continue the self-help group for relatives.
  • Women from Syria who have fled their homes

As part of the project, a place is to be created that offers them protection and security as well as networking and empowerment. Regular meetings are encouraged through the installation of a self-help group and supported socio-pedagogically by the provider. The self-help groups determine important topics, which should be dealt with more intensively, according to requirements. (such as handling information from the home country, understanding of roles in Germany, health, authority matters, etc.).

In this way, the women can expand their personal, social and psychological resources and additional resources can be created within the framework of helping people to help themselves.

Actions in 2020 will be:

  • Weekly meetings of the self-help groups
  • Information events on the relevant topics
  • Compilation of native speaker information material
  • Mediation to specialist services
  • Establishment of a cooperation with the Syrian / Kurdish community

Another handout to support the acquisition of bilingualism is to be created in this project. The topic is German grammar. The publication will be prepared according to the needs of the target group with a Vietnamese migration background and a handout will be created.

In addition, the association will participate in the multilingualism working group of the Marzahn / Hellersdorf district.

Furthermore, German lessons are offered twice a week for older migrants from Vietnam (without access to the integration course).

  • Creation of a handout "German Grammar"
  • Participation in the multilingual working group of the Marzahn / Hellersdorf district
  • German tuition (2 x week of 120 minutes)

Participation in the integration advisory board and in the integration policy networking group are further focal points.

Funded by the Marzahn / Hellersdorf District Office: