Who is the Republican establishment

United States: Trump supporters: Eternal fight against the establishment

First encourage followers to storm the Capitol and then sincerely condemn the violence. Donald Trump managed this balancing act effortlessly this week. However great the contradictions of the current president of the United States and how far his claims are from reality, millions of US citizens are unconditionally loyal to him. Because Trump manages to stage himself as the opposite of a supposed elite - although he grew up with a golden spoon and has always basked in the spotlight with greats from politics, business and society. More elite is hardly possible.

But from the point of view of his supporters, Trump is fighting against those who want to rob America of its supposed core values. Which that should be can be exchanged in the argumentative sentence construction kit as long as the words "freedom", "socialism", "oppression" and "un-American" are used.

In this way even the storming of the Capitol can be justified, after all, those who betrayed "American values" forced the mob to resist. "This is our country," some shouted into cameras when asked about the motive for their intrusion into the heart of American parliamentarism. And they meet with understanding: According to a survey by the YouGov Institute, 45 percent of the Republican supporters support the storming of parliament, only 43 percent spoke out against it - among sympathizers of the Democrats it was 96 percent.

For Trump's supporters, the system they are fighting against with all their might have downed the president before their idol could overturn the system. You will continue to be loyal to him or to someone else who promises a complete change in circumstances. As long as Trump is combative and does not directly admit his defeat, he remains attractive: According to studies, Trump exudes power, size, dominance and victorious masculinity from the point of view of his supporters.

"I don't care"

For Republicans who think more critically, the last days of his term in office reveal the real Trump, who combines completely different characteristics, like in a magnifying glass. Commentators recognize a helpless, weak, almost tragic figure in Trump at the very hour when the realization of their own defeat could no longer be postponed: Because there was ultimately no realistic chance of preventing the vote.

Some Trump fans feel betrayed after giving in to their idol and vented their disappointment via Twitter: They had put their lives and their future on the line for Trump, complains one activist. As a thank you, Trump hounded the National Guard on them. "Admit your defeat and just give up, now that nothing matters", so the bitter comment on Twitter.

Others there swear their idol not to leave them out in the rain: "Don't step down now! That's not you! Can you hear me!", So the desperate appeal via Twitter. "We sent him to Washington to get rid of the swamp, but the swamp got rid of him," says another Trump fan. "As for me, the Republicans are now just as much a part of the swamp as the Democrats."

For the current president, the already established social media are increasingly part of this quagmire. About the blocking of his accounts on Twitter and Facebook during the week Trump is said to have been angry, reported the online portal "Daily Beast". Not surprisingly, a look at the number of followers makes the effectiveness clear: More than 88 million people follow Trump on his most important channel, Twitter. After the service with the bird in the logo released the president's account, Trump posted a video on Friday night with his view of the incidents at the Capitol. It was clicked 34 million times within half a day.

May the "New York Times" be one of the most prestigious newspapers in the world and write Trump into the ground. Even his TV sweetheart Fox News may no longer be completely aloof from the president: The political elixir of Trump's life is social media. Here he was able to spread his lies completely unfiltered for years and bring hatred into society - under the guise of the original American value of freedom of expression. Because the first amendment to the constitution guarantees this, as well as freedom of the press and freedom of assembly, the view among many US citizens is that there should be no restrictions at all.

Twitter blocks Trump

If Twitter and Facebook don't guarantee this way of playing, then I'll move on. This threat from Trump has been in the room for a long time, and he is eagerly promoting relevant portals, such as the "One America News Network" - its own definition: "Our nation. Our news." But all of these channels do not - yet - have high reach and access numbers. Trump needs Twitter to keep the flame of anger on the establishment burning this strong.

But on Saturday night, Twitter got ready to extinguish the flame. Due to the "risk of further incitement to violence", Trump's account was blocked - and "permanently," said the company.