What are the best Zerohedge blog posts

Former contributor posts the identities of Zero Hedge's financial bloggers

YouTube screengrabEmployees in banks are often not allowed to access the blog: what "Tyler Durden" publishes on "Zero Hedge" seems too provocative for their employers. To put it mildly, the articles take a critical look at the financial sector. Under his stage name, the author has previously anonymously referred to gambling by name, saw bubbles where the banks were still floating on pink clouds, and went hard with analysts and politicians. His attitude towards the markets: bearish, i.e. pessimistic. "Tyler Durden" was the name of Brad Pitt in his leading role in the Hollywood film "Fight Club".

Now a former employee of the blog has unpacked and triggered a mud fight. Colin Lokey spoke to Bloomberg journalists Tracy Alloway and Luke Kawa. Lokey said that "Tyler Durden" was a three-man team until he left because of mental health problems.

"Zero Hedge": Anyone could have found out with Google

Lokey, 32, is believed to be a political scientist with an MBA and a Southern accent. He attacked his employers sharply, assuming they had a paranoid view of the world. Lokey said he worked for the Zero Hedge blog for over a year. Most recently he went to a clinic because of burnout.

He named 37-year-old Daniel Ivandjiiski, a former hedge fund analyst from Bulgaria, and Tim Backshall, a 45-year-old credit derivatives strategist, as his ex-colleagues. Ivandjiiski confirmed this and wrote in a post on "Zero Hedge" that anyone could have found out about it within 30 seconds via Google. Backshall didn't want to comment.

Obviously, nobody has come up with this idea so far: the financial industry had long speculated about the blogger's identity. However, Ivandjiiski's name is already more common. As early as 2009 an article appeared in the “New York Post” in which his name was mentioned as the originator of “Zero Hedge”.

Backshall appeared on television as a credit expert

According to the report, Ivandjiiski worked for a hedge fund before being fired for insider trading at the height of the 2008 financial crisis.

Backshall tweeted under the nick @credittrader and appeared on the US broadcaster “CNBC”. In 2012, for example, he gave a telephone interview about the bad credit market. This screenshot shows his picture on television:

All articles on "Zero Hedge" were published under the pseudonym "Tyler Durden". Some drew parallels to the character in "Fight Club": This Tyler Durden despises the financial system and consumption. Lokey wrote to colleagues at Bloomberg in an email: “What you read on 'Zero Hedge' is nonsense. You shouldn't support that. Two guys who live a life you can only dream of pretend to speak on your behalf. "

In a statement on “Zero Hedge”, however, the two remaining authors write that they have never made a secret of being capitalists and having expectations of the market. They posted chat messages to prove that their colleague was having serious problems. They describe him as an "emotionally unstable alcoholic with mental health problems and a history of being a drug dealer" and said they were very unhappy that he was taking the matter out in public.