How can strangers add me to WhatsApp

WhatsApp: add contacts - this is how it works

To chat with someone on WhatsApp, you first need to add the person as a contact. For a long time, new WhatsApp friends could only be managed outside of the messenger via the contacts app. In the meantime, however, you can also add contacts directly via WhatsApp.

However, even if new WhatsApp friends can be added to the contact list via the app, there is still no WhatsApp contact list of its own. All chat participants will continue to be managed centrally via smartphone contacts. Therefore it is also not possible to add users via WhatsApp Web.

Add contacts directly from the app

How to add a new contact on WhatsApp:

  1. Open WhatsApp.
  2. Call up the overview of all chats in WhatsApp.
  3. Tap on that Letter icon in the green circle to start a new chat.
  4. Above you will now find next to the option New group also the button New contact. Select this button.
  5. You will now be redirected to the phone's contacts app. Enter all the necessary contact details here and save the entry.
  6. If a WhatsApp account is saved under the entered mobile phone number, you will find the participant in your contact list on Messenger.
  7. Tap it once to start a new chat with this user.

WhatsApp: Save new contacts on Android and iPhone

Of course, you can still add contacts via the Contacts app. If a WhatsApp account is recognized behind the entered phone number, the user automatically appears in the list of your WhatsApp contacts.

If you are being contacted by a strange user in the messenger app or if you only see the number in a group and not the name of a group member, you can simply add this user to your contact list directly via the chat:

  1. To do this, press a message from the still unknown person.
  2. A new menu opens with the options Add to Contacts or Add to existing contact. With the first selection you create a completely new user in your phone book. The second option is to update an existing entry by adding or replacing the unknown number.
  3. Contacts for WhatsApp can also be deleted via the phone book app.

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If a new entry cannot be found in the list, we will show you how to update the list of contacts. We'll help you elsewhere if all WhatsApp contacts only have numbers instead of names.

Add contacts via QR code?

As early as autumn 2018, a feature was discovered in a preliminary version of WhatsApp that allows contacts to be added via QR code. There is a similar function on Snapchat, where new users can be added by scanning the Snapcode. This eliminates the hassle of typing phone numbers. This also prevents unnecessary disclosure of your number. It should be possible to deactivate the codes to prevent later use. It is still unclear whether and in what form the feature will be added to the available WhatsApp version for Android and iOS.